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Think Two Steps Ahead

Find the BIG Picture


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thanks for sharing Report
Step two rewording is great. Thanks. Report
Many good points in this article. A few clueless ones too. Report
very good article Report
You can tell this was written by a man in 2004! A man who really does not “get it” about having a completely stressful family life, being pulled from all directions! Report
good article Report
Thank you for a great article! Report
Good article Report
Good advice! Report
This article provided me with the right advice at the right time. Wrote down the ideas provided in my journal. Report
Thank you so much Report
This is a great article! It reminds me that I can't take care of anyone else if I don't take care of me first. I have a lot of responsibilities and tend to get overwhelmed quite often. Just like most of you reading this, I suppose. :-) Report
Lately, with the advice given in this article, I think I would have to be writing all the time! It seems temptation is there every minute of the day. So I am going to do this! I know that each time I resist, it will get a little easier the next time to make wise choices. Report
I love this article, it reminds me I can have a moan about my lack of time etc, BUT then, it's time to move forward, past that to step two! Just remembering there is a step two is a big victory for me. I am going to train myself to look for step two's this week! Report
I have started down this path of "two stepping", (hee)... I was buying lunch right before my shift. I was generally getting something not particularly healthy, but fast. Husband suggested, hey, you have all these veggies you are growing, can't you make soup and freeze it? I pondered this for a while. I then made up a batch of soup, froze it in pints, and tried taking it. I have saved a few pounds from the waist line, the guys I work with are always asking what I brought for lunch because it smells so gooooood, (large grin), and I have more $ in my pocket! Not bad for about an hour or two of work about once every week or so! I am still working on some other areas, but at least this is one I can cheer about! Report

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