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Calculating the Cost of Growing Your Own Food

How to Put Away Big Bucks with Your Green Thumb


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Really old article, seed costs have risen astronomically, sometimes $4. For 10 seeds that only half germinate, as with a Big Jim pepper I was starting this year. Starting seeds is a comprise, you have high seed costs, special soil, containers for transplants and electric costs for lights for a few months. I once started all my plants at home, but no longer plant 100’s of cabbage or cauliflower, and only do 3 or 6 now. For $3.75 each I bought several trays of 6 tomatoes and split them with a neighbor, so we both got different varieties. It is not really about cost, it is about growing all my own food and knowing what is in it, last night I ate fresh asparagus from my garden!
Great information Report
Cost is not a consideration for me when I need to do the right thing. There are other things that are more important.
thank you Report
Container gardening is a more compact way to grow additional favorites. We grow peas in a large pot with 2 smaller trellises with strong woven between them to allow for the peas to climb. Also try boston bib lettuce on the outer edges of a large pot and cherry tomatoes in the center. Lots of possibilities! Report
You can get your soil tested by your local Extension Service at no cost. They will also provide the kit. Each county usually has it's own office. Report
Don't forget container gardening. Some plants grow very well and in some of the larger pots and they are easier to protect from damage and maintain. Mini tomatoes, broccoli and a number of the herbs do well in pots. Report
Love gardening! Report
Good to know. Thank you. Report
Love your articles, Jenny. We are "grocery shopping" from the garden now. This is great since we eat a plant-based diet and it is varied by what is ready to pick in the garden. Now it's squash, onions, cabbage, greens and cucumbers. Soon we will have tomatoes, eggplant and peppers.

Another way to save is to use winter seed sowing in milk jug containers to have seedlings to plant in the spring. Buy heirloom varieties that will allow you to save seed for next year. Free food! Report
We grow a garden . Love it. Report
Third day in a row my comment posted prior to finishing. ..
Continued: vegetables.
Many tools can be picked up dirt cheap at Estate Sales, most communities hold a seed swap.
Herbs, teas are dried for storage, veggies can be canned or frozen. Scraps used for veggie broth.
On a small city lot I grow fruit, veggies, herbs both medicinal and Tea.
Factor in the workout that will save you money at a gym. The calorie burn in gardening is amazing.
While its not for everyone, I find that growing my own has been cost effective, healthy and a wonderful tradition to pass down to grandchildren.
This article left out the money you will save on health care and medications by growing fresh herbs and Report
Even if it costs more to grow my own food the taste & quality makes it all worthwhile & also get some exercise in when tying up plants or as I do "helping" my plants to grow in a certain way etc Report

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