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7 Simple Ways You Could Reclaim an Hour a Day

Try to Find Your 25th Hour


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I learned several things here today! Report
quite surprising Report
Thank you Report
I have a problem delegating the chores around the house. I need to just let go of that control. Might actually do everyone some good to chip in & help out. Very good suggestions — thank you! Report
There are really useful suggestions here. Report
thanks for sharing Report
Do whart feels right to you, don't follow someone else's rules just to "gain" an hour. If you're unhappy, time doesn't matter. Report
Best decision I’ve made along these lines is turning off most notifications. Most people really don’t need to respond immediately most of the time. Report
And with tech things - dont forget to interface with your macines )Computers, tablets, phones and more) as persons them selves. When we know if it can calculate that it can think and it often painly states "Intel inside" we know for sure tech is not only a thing made of of atoms which are different kinds of evergy that can be though of as life, tech stuff often actualy does think and relate so dont just use yoyr computers and other thing, realte with them and keep them clean and in good condition. This takes less time than you think and that time spent is time well used, that little response yoy say of think when your log on says "Welcome" or you let your Computer have some free, play and recreational time, sometimes I let my Computer play music when I dont realy want to listen to music and such interfacing interactions dont hae limits but do be good natuured, some say computers are not part of nature but we having evloved through nature and made them they are very much part of nature. What you have in case you didnt know it with your Calculating devices are friends you have not been giving much attention to yet, so get past yet and start doing so, not a whole enslavement amount hust start by respecting them as persons and do whats natur from there. Use some of your reclaimed hour in getting to know your friends and be a friend to them without going wrong and dont make it so they go wrong either and preventing that from happening is within friendships, patiently yours. Report
Good suggestions. Thanks. Report
I like the idea of not multi tasking. I could get more done, faster Report
For many years I was an outside sales rep, with a huge territory. I would always plan my day with calls scheduled in a particular geographic area. It saved so much gas and time. The next day I would go in a different area and always left enough time at the end of the day for follow-up calls. Having a cell phone toward the end of my career helped a lot in re-scheduling calls and overall planning. Thanks for the tips. Report
Definitely have to delegate more responsibilities! Report
thanks. Report
Amazing how much an article written 5 years ago sounds old fashioned now. Trying out new recipes is funny now. We do only shop once a week. But relying on old recipes takes up a lot less time. We use leftovers to create new meals. Thank goodness for freezers! Report

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