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Bored with Your Healthy Breakfast?

Fall in Love with These Morning Meals


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I've become a huge fan of steel cut oats. Instead of spending 45 minutes stirring over a stove or using a crock pot, I use Trader Joe's Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats. They take 5-7 minutes to cook and taste pretty good.

I like adding in slices of apple while the oats cook. Warm apples taste wonderful on a cold morning. Report
Thanks Report
Most these items I can't eat. I do eat the cooked oatmeal, never the instant.
Thanks for sharing. Report
I had PB this AM on ww toast w/ agave syrup from the $tree. Doesn't impact blood sugar as much.
Also hv cheese, pretzel rod & a couple dates sometimes for a quick, no time in AM kind of brekkie. Report
I like peanut butter on an English Muffin so # 3 gets my vote, but otherwise I eat after my workout and it is often past noon. Different problem... IF people will get it. Report
all look so yummy Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
All great ideas. Thanks Report
Great ideas Report
Thanks Report
In defense of so-called "bland" food: If all you ever eat is very highly-spiced, "bold-flavored" food, you will never learn to appreciate the subtle flavors of simple, wholesome food. For instance, Kellogg's All-Bran in soymilk has a light, nutty flavor that is perfectly enhanced with a topping of slightly tart fresh strawberries; a soymilk smoothie made with vanilla protein powder and a cup of frozen blueberries is cool, refreshing, but not overly sweet. No need to drown everything with peanut butter. That said, I do enjoy veggie-and-cheese-stuffed omelets on weekends (also, I have time to cook more elaborate breakfasts then.) Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Thanks for the new ideas. I will try a few of them. Report
Thank you for the yummy ideas! Report

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