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7 Things that Separate Weight-Loss Winners & Losers

How You Could Stay on Top of Your Game


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Good Basics-I consider common knowledge. The thing I don't get is 'Diet (ers)' If they end up on a diet-They were not so 'smart' to begin with?? Report
Great read! Report
My teams are the best Report
This is a good article. Thank you. Report
Some good ideas! I need to track better what I eat and how much I exercise. And, how much water i drink each day - I just do not drink enough. Report
Great thanks for the tips in the article i am going to use them in conjunction with which i shave just started using. Its helping me loose weight and keeping it off .Hope it helps ! Report
Interesting! Report
Thanks for the tips and hints. Report
Oh yeah, SparkFriends Report
Thanks. Great article. Report
Thanks. Report
Good reminders about how to reach success Report

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