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6 Ways to Maintain Your Mental Flexibility

Learn to Roll with the Punches and Dodge Life's Wrenches


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Great ideas, SparkFreinds and it’s only a start. We can and will do it. Report
Thank you for a good article. Report
Interesting article. Report
Personally I have a memory like a steel trap, mounted in quicksand of course.
A better choice may be a steel colander as it seems filled with holes. Report
We all can use some mental stimulation, SparfkFriends! Let's get those juices flowing. Oh yeah! Report
Great article Report
There are times to be inflexible and times to be flexible, the examples in this article are from one extreme to another. Telling a coach how to run your child’s soccer game is not inflexible it is down right rude, unsportsmanlike, and unacceptable in civilized behavior, any coach knows more then a parent that probably has never played soccer, or if they have have never coached soccer. Cleaning up breakfast dishes or not is not a deal breaker, just depends on what you want to come home to after a busy day of work. And if you are married to someone that is poor at planning date night, who cares who makes the plans, if you do you may get what you want, but if your partner does you should be ready to accept whatever is planned. Report
This article addresses a very complex process in a very juvenile way - sorry to be so blunt. Bottom line is that falling out of favor with a person is usually a 2-sided coin. And both people need to want to move towards a new relationship before any of the "how tos can work." All relationships require a degree of flexibility - it's when someone doesn't deliver again, and again and again. On the one hand, it's an established behavior pattern and you the one who is hurt enabled it to develop. The other person may be truly obvious to how you feel on this and think it's OK. You love them just the way they are. But then comes the final blow - when they cavalierly blow you off for a special occasion because they knew you would understand but in this case you are really hurt and you let them know - calmly rationally. And instead of saying I am so sorry I didn't realize it (it can be that simple) and I'll try a little harder to be a better friend, they simply shut down all communication. Because, gasp, it couldn't be their fault now, could it. I never close a door but there are a lot of people who slam them shut. When that happens you have to be ready to forgive yourself and let go. Report
I learned that in fitness I have to balance strength and flexibility to avoid injury. I was actually too flexible for my strength. I think I may need to stick more rigidly to my program and not let myself be so flexible! Report
I very nearly had a panic attack at the thought of leaving dishes in the sink... apparently I need this article :) Report
i liked this article very much it had alot of information Report
i liked this article very much it had alot of information Report
Good one. Thank you for sharing. Report
I choose to not cross out the 'im' and to make it 'I'm possible'. That works for me. :) Report
A "weekly date night"? The chance would be a fine thing!!! Report

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