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Tabata Training 101

Does This 4-Minute Fitness Technique Deliver?


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The best part is you don’t have to be very specific just do short intervals Report
I've incorporated jogging into my hikes and call it "jiking" using the Tabata method. My intervals aren't timed exactly as described in the article but I use markers, like trees to set my goals. It's fun and a nice workout! Report
Very good information. Thank you so much!
t-tabata-songs/ Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Unless I can't read, there is nothing here that says WHAT Tabata is. ppppttttthhhh Not even a link, nothing. I did look it up on the web and discovered it is not for me. Report
Guess what I'll be incorporating in my cardio routines! Report
Interesting read! Report
Interesting read! Report
I just stated that I think I could do this one but after reading your article, I am now not so sure. Report
This is the best way for karate to be practiced, and while not all schools teach it this way the good ones do. As a martial artist I've been doing this kind of exercise for decades. I'm glad to see there is scientific evidence telling me that what my experience has shown me to be true is not just in my imagination. Report
Thanks for linking to the research! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Awesome Report
Although I haven't used this method in a little while, I really like it! It makes me feel great afterwards-accomplished and fit! Report
Great information. Thanks for sharing Report

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