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Best and Worst Meat Choices


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When I lost the weight I have so far, it wasn't by picking the leanest meat I could, it was by selecting fatty meats that actually kept me full and didn't have me grabbing for the Pop Tarts.

Restrict your grain and sugar intake and you won't have to worry about lean meat. Report
I think all of us know that meat that is grass fed, or extra lean 95/5 is better for us. The same with chicken and all other meats, but sometimes the budget has to be taken into account too. Not all of us can afford the price on a regular basis even if it is much healthier for us. So I guess I'll just have to eat smaller portions and exercise more to work off the cholestrol clogging my arteries. Oh, btw, even with eating these meats my cholestrol is doing just fine. Report
Avoiding fat in meat? Is it the 1990s again? Control your calories, hit your macronutrient goals and you won't have to worry about this drivel. Report
I've been buying Ball Park "All white meat" turkey hot dogs because the label on the package says 40 calories per hot dog. That seems pretty low based on what this article says. Does all white turkey meat really have such a low calorie count? Report
I like learning about the various cuts of meat, but I wish they would have talked about non-traditional cuts and sources, like organ meats and game meats. I don't prescribed to the idea that saturated fat is bad for us. There is a lot of literature and case studies of native hunter-gatherers who eat a lot of saturated fat and are very healthy, therefore they refute the saturated fat hypothesis. This whole idea came from a study by Ancel Keys, where he studied the fat calories vs. heart disease from total calories of 22 countries, but only reported evidence from 7 countries in order to support his hypothesis, which is pretty unethical. Actually, there is more compelling evidence that heart disease is connected with sugar consumption. I personally eat the Paleo diet and am not afraid of fats. Report
This was a great article! I had to change how I look at bacon for starters. Definitely need to reevaluate the meat I consume. Report
This is a good article, but I was surprised that the author went so deeply into how deli meats are processed and omitted entirely the way beef, pork, and poultry are not only processed, but raised. While "Grass fed", and "organic" meats are more expensive, once you understand how shortchanged you are nutritionally by purchasing otherwise they start to look like bargains. Report
Thank you! I was just wondering about the health difference between ground turkey and ground beef while shopping yesterday! Report
hmmm, my three meats of 'choice' aren't here: ribeye steaks, turkey wings and lamb. i guess i am, as usual, off the charts. lol Report
If pork is good for you why is it the first meat the doctors take away from you. Report
I too don't believe in always choosing lean . A *moderate* amount of fat benefits your body (yes, even the saturated type). And using all the parts of an animal is a much more conscionable, intentional form of omnivorism. The least expensive way to purchase pastured meat and poultry is to buy it directly from the farmer in bulk, i.e. 1/2 a lamb, 1/2 a hog, 1/8 of a steer. It seems like a huge investment because it's up front, but in the long run, if you eat meat only on occasion, you'll see a huge savings to your wallet, notice huge changes in your health, and know that you're contributing to a better environment and a stronger local economy. Report
For those who don't immediately know these things: 1 ounce is approximately equal to 28 grams. That fact is important to understanding the definitions of extra lean, etc. Report
Thank you for this excellent information. AND thank you for touching on grass-fed/grazed, hormone-free meats and poultry. I try to buy this type of meat and poultry and there is a drastic difference in the taste and look of it.

Thank you for explaining about nitrites and nitrates and added "problem" ingredients that is used the keep meats "safe" from botulism, etc. and keeps them on the shelf longer. I buy only bacon and hotdogs that are nitrite an nitrate-free and they taste great, too! Report
Where's the lamb & venison? And not a mention of fish. le sigh
Thank you for your informative page of meats, we need to be made aware of all the classifications used as they are not standard Report

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