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Starting Small is No Bull

Start Slow for BIG Results


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This article is right on time for me. I decided day before yesterday that to keep me from eating mindlessly, I would stop eating when I am on the computer. If I want to eat anything I will take it to my table. So many times I had eaten a whole pkg of chips or candy without realizing it until I reached into an empty bag. My 1st day of doing this was yesterday and I made it! Report
This is an article I really needed to read today. I know the logic of taking small steps but have been impatiently taking a gazzilion small steps at once --and consequently getting myself frustrated-- this is a good reminder to step back and take it slow one baby step at a time-- Great article -- thanks. Report
I am in total agreement. Small steps make the big goal so much more manageable. That's why my spark page shows only 5 lbs to lose, I actually have more like 20-25 to lose but I'm concentrating on just 5 at a time, so it's not so overwhelming! Report
Didn't quite catch the "People who won’t go to the dentist will jab needles in their face for a fast way to look good." comment, but overall the article's message was well received. Thanks! Report
Thanks!! I have realized all the same things you change in your life will make a big different in the long run! I am trying to drink 8 cups of water a day and that is a BIG step for me! :) Report
I choose gathering some motivating music. Great project to further my slow lift off which begins as i am bedridden for a few days. Already drinking 8. Report
Thanks for the article, i have chosen the veggies, water and complex carbs. Report
Thanks for the article, i have chosen the veggies, water and complex carbs. Report
Thanks for the article, i have chosen the veggies, water and complex carbs. Report
Just what I needed! Thanks, Mike :) I've chosen the far, so good! Report
Thanks for the great article! Report
It seems our society does not recognize small accomplishments and that is our mindset towards fitness. I want to be fit overnight, however, it took me 10 years to undo my fitness. This article is really great. I have only been in SparkPeople for 2 days and already I am feeling good about small accomplishments - logging food, walking 2 days in a row, earning spark points. Fitness is 90% mindset and that will propel you to action! Report
Thanks for the article. I just started trying to run/walk a mile yesterday. Took me 18 minutes. I was a bit disappointed at first, but reading other's blogs/posts makes me feel a bit better. Report
Thanks again for helpful info that can be easily implemented. Report
a wonderful reminder for me, a beginer. Baby steps, and small changes will be the only way to completly reinvent my life, and that is my Major goal in all of this. Report

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