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Starting Small is No Bull

Start Slow for BIG Results


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This article really struck a cord. I'm always in a hurry. 0 to 100 mph. great advice in this article and going to take it to heart. Report
AMEN, This time around I'm not looking for quick fixes and quick results. This is a life change I'm doing and it's going to take time to reprogram. Thank you! Report
That is so so true, that is exactly how I started, i started smll, took teeny steps, now a yr later I'm making gigantic stride, nearly sailing thru really, & I love it!! Report
I felt like I was reading about myself when you described jumping in there with the running bulls. Great article, great analogy, and wonderful reminder! Thank you Report
This is such a great article! Report
Great reminder since I too am re-starting on Spark People! Logged into the site for the first time in months and it was the first article I read. Here's to a new beginning! Report
Wow! I just re committed to my goals yesterday and have been telling myself about patience and starting small - this is the first article I've read since coming back. Thank you for the reminder! Report
I tell someone that I am training to run a 1/2 marathon in February- every day! Report
I have exercised off and on all my life and know to start slow the problem for me is that I tend to be a creature of habit and forget to mix it up so repetition is what weighs me down. I lose a little and then stagnant. I work really hard and sweat my butt off and then stagnate on weight lost which discourages me and I end up quitting. Report
Love the analogy! Of course I would never just jump in w/ the bulls - why would I start running after I haven't exercised in...ever?! :) Report
Great artical. I've always been an impulse person and have become easily discuraged when trying to take on too much all at once. I've taken the advice of taking it slower and and smaller steps at first, and its already paying off. I can already see results in, lowered blood suger counts, more energy, a more positive attitude, just from some of the small tasks listed in this artical and by simply tracking what I eat each day. I know I will start seeing even more results as slowly add more exercise and better nutrition.

Thanks :) Report
This is so true! Thank you for putting it in visual form with the running of the bulls. I remember I liked jogging as a young woman...I haven't jogged in 20 years. So I started walking, then, when I could comfortably walk for several miles, I interspersed jogging.

Baby just have to start somewhere :) Report
I really liked this article. It makes sense and provides an appropriate visual, ie. running of the bulls. lol I am going to print and follow the small changes to start with and make those my starting goals...some of them are already on my plan!!
That is so true....I always start gung ho and then get so sore and stop. It seems so easy to put on a few lbs. but ssssoooo terribly hard to take them off! Report
So, so true! Every time I back-slide, I go full throttle trying to catch up and I end up being so sore the next few days I sit on the couch. Now I'm taking my time to get back to where I was so that doesn't happen. I didn't gain 15 pounds in one day, I didn't lose my muscle tone in one day, so why on earth would I think I could get back to where I was in one day? Thank you for the article!! Report

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