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Starting Small is No Bull

Start Slow for BIG Results


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Great article..............Thank You. Report
Great idea. Report
I enjoyed those atticle. It was upbeat & made me feel encouraged about my small changes. Report
Great article! Start small and grow so you don't discourage yourself! Report
Good article Report
This makes good sense, but still hard to do, living in today's world. Report
With a bad back, this has been my mantra. First changing the things that are easy no brainers: staying in nutrition goals, getting more movement (even if it isn't running with the bulls), water. I know how to do it...just need to start taking the steps. Report
This is exactly what I decided to do this year! Started with 10 minutes of cardio 3x/week. Slowly building up and actually now getting SOME sort of activity 6 days/week. Trying to get more freggies into my system (really hard some days!) and cut back on the processed stuff. Also making water my standard drink of choice (although I still allow - and TRACK - my favorite flavored creamer for my morning coffee. After all, I'm not a barbarian! :-) Report
This is the absolute most important thing I've learned from SparkPeople. And it's funny because I just built myself a motivating playlist on my Slacker. Report
Rome wasn't built in a day. The problem I encounter is sticking to the workout plan . Report
I starting walking last May 2014 two miles every other day. Now I am doing 4 miles every other day at a walk/jog. You just have to keep going. If you start out small and work up to it, it can be done. Report
This is one of the best articles I have read on Spark. I am a yo-yo dieter and have lost weight over and over again. It is only now, years later that I understand that SLOW and INCREMENTAL is much easier on your body and leads to longer lasting success. Everyone should read this! Report
Such a relief to be told to start small! Report
So well said! Thank you for reaffirming that wisdom that says: one step at a time. Report

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