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8 Ways to Fight Winter Weight Gain


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The cold & snowy westher really stopped my exercise routine this last month. But getting back on track. Report
Exercise! Report
Great article, great strategies! Report
My husband’s theory is that September means hibernation starts with the first cool days so I try to remember that I’m not a bear.
And I get on that scale a few times a week. Report
Even going for a walk in our cold climate means wearing heavy clothing and boots that add weight to the workout. Also, wading through snow and walking carefully on ice feels like a workout.
Making myself do this is harder than walking in warm weather. But hot weather is even harder for me. Report
Lots of good advice here. One thing that I do is wear clothes that fit instead of the easy fitting loose stuff. Just back from FL and I brought a pair of jeans that I tried on every couple of days. If my weight goes up even a little, they'll be too tight. Report
I don't actually gain in winter. I love the cold. Report
Great article! I wish I had read it a month or so ago, but it's never too late to turn things around. Thank you for some much-needed reminders! Report
nice article and so good for this time of year. I am so mindful of what I eat and my workouts. It's just not worth the stress to gain weight. Report
Great article. Report
Great article. Will reread once a month as a reminder! Report
Starbucks holiday beverages are notorious for being high in sugar and calories... but guess what! They have a "short" cup which is only 8 ounces (one actual serving size of any liquid). I always get a double shot of espresso in a short cup, 1 pump of whatever I'm feeling into (a short usually comes with 2), and ask for extra foam. All this adds up to less than 100 calories! Also, be wary of the drizzles they like to add onto their drinks, which are PACKED with empty calories. Report
There are some excellent ideas in this article. I'm going to try to use a lot of them this winter because I don't want to lose the gains I've made so far.

As a knitter, I can definitely say that knitting really does help. You can eat while both your hands are busy. Plus, you don't want anything on your hands that will make the yarn dirty. Report
My trick is loads of vegetable soups.

You get your veggies in, the soup is low calorie (and can be low-sodium if you need it), and is a bit more substantial than just tea so if you're really craving food, have a cup of soup first and see if the urge doesn't go away.

My favorite right now is pumpkin soup. Can't get enough of it. Report
indeed this article says it all. during the winter i gain some weight and i hate it. now im still struggling to loose it and is training hard to be able to wear my bathing suit for summer!
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