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Make Your New Year's Momentum Last

Train Your Mind to Trim Your Body


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Great article Report
I avoid starting small with veggies and ending big with pie by starting with small pie. No going back. Once you had a food, you are done with it. Report
I am excited to see the incentive plan I shared (and was included in the 1st Spark book) suggested in this article. Giving people that $5 for surprise gifts still works for me.

I also gave a gift card I received to a friend to hold. I had to complete 30 consecutive days of exercise before I could have it back to spend. Report
I hope you all have a great new year Report
Thank you. Need to try this. Report
Thanks. Report
Uh, thank you???? Report
Great article! Report
I never knew mom was a behavior specialist! Did u know yours was one? Lol Report
Interesting ideas Report
The trouble with the Premack theory, that proved to us back when we were young, that vegetables did not taste good, really, and were unpleasant, we grew up with decades of constant nagging to eat them! And to this day, we are still nagged about eating them! Nagging is unpleasant, and lifetime, you learn to cover vegetables with butter or cheese to make them palatable. Admit it, even experts are finally admitting that they have to force them. Report
Thank you for the great information. Report
Incentives work. Report
Great information. Report

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