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Make Your New Year's Momentum Last

Train Your Mind to Trim Your Body


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Incentives work. Report
Great information. Report
Good article to bring into focus those things that we already subconsciously may do. For me it's I want to paint but can't until after I put the laundry away... etc Report
“Deep” or should I say “heavy”? Report
...great information... very useful...plan to implement some suggestions for 2018... Report
Always worth a fresh look. Report
Good article to refresh 2018 goals. Report
Good information. Report
Excellent information! Report
Great article! Report
Lasting Changes to an improved body for 2018. A goal worth working for. Report
This concept worked well for me, though I'd never heard of it when I was doing this. I got all my goals in for the day before I allowed myself to relax with a pop or some other kind of treat. I knew that once I would start eating something, I'd want MORE than my portion size. Waiting until later, made me only have time for one serving.
Works well! Report
Be an inspiration to those around you by making the most of each day. Report
Great article. Like the premark technique. Report

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