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They say it only takes 4 seconds of blocking/ignoring/holding off on impulsively doing something to break that strong desire. It has worked for me at times because I can see a quick end to that strong pulling of desire.Then one needs to quickly fill that next moment with a great optional a glass of water (vs eating something I shouldn't). Report
After a period of time for using meizitang ( products, I have lose one pound in a week, would you like to have a try. Report
My Main goal is to remain healthy, lose down to my normal weight for my height. Keep my sugar under control, Stay as heart Healthy as I can keep my A-Fibs in a normal range. continue to keep my body as flexible as possible on my walker. Not too much of a chore do you think??? I do Physical Therapy 3 time a week Report
I started 10/8/2012. I am an emotional eater and I work with a bi-polar individual that today is bouncing off the walls. I want something sweet and fattening! Trying to control hard! Report
Just 1 kg short of my first goal which was to loose 10% of my body weight. The next goal is to loose a further 10% by early December then loose the remaining 5 kg in the New Year. Report
Ok so I started my LOVELY journey on 09/05/2006 and I did not expect for it to happen....I lost 30lbs in 4 months!!! It would have been 3 months but I got side tracked by a chocolate cake I made on my birthday which I spent all alone so just imagine it....A whole chocolate cake, alone on my birthday....I had a piece of cake everyday of that um yeah

How in the WORLD did you LOSE THE WEIGHT???

Well I used 90% of Spark People's resources. I tracked my food (even gum) EVERY day. I did not eat more than 15 grams of sugar during the week. I ate what ever I wanted on a Saturday and started back eating healthy again Sunday through Friday. I drank more than a half gallon of water every day and NO I never added a lemon...Lemons done messed up my enamel by the way :(

I ate 2 cucumber with a little salt 5 days a week..ask me why...Hek if I know..They are just so good lol :)

It helped in my weight loss tho lol :)

Wanna see what I ate...Check out my food tracker for 2007 starting at January to April I think...You will see what I ate. Plus check out my fitness tracker for those same dates...Man I was on it!!

Spark People WORKS!! You only gain the weight back if you stop working...

It does become a habit and you will succeed, I lost 30lbs with Spark People. Spark people is the reason for my loss, not my gain. If the weight comes back don't worry. Just come on back to Spark People and do it all over again. This is a GREAT site and best of all it's FREE!! You have nothing to lose but weight and you are motivating soooo many which is the BEST FEELING EVER!!

God Bless :) Report

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