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Prevent Fitness Setbacks Before They Happen

Clearing the 12 Most Common Exercise Hurdles


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Great info! Thanks! Report
Thanks for the info Report
I work out early in the morning and never a problem. It's when I used to make it later in the day when excuses used to crop up. Thanks for these suggestions. Report
Great article. Report
I definitely need to work on prevention! Report
Thanks for the ideas! Report
Great tips! Thanks! Report
Thanks for the article Report
great article. Report
I really loved this article. Halfway through it made me realize that all these excuses (most I've used myself), are just that - excuses. If I truly committed to taking care of myself and exercising daily and keeping active - no outer circumstance could really deter me. Success really is all in my mind, it really does rest solely with me. Report
Fantastic article! Enjoyed reading this one. Report
I spend a lot of time outdoors all year doing things like hiking, fishing, camping, and snowboarding. The cardinal rule for outdoor activities is dress properly and the weather doesn't matter, but dress improperly and you will be miserable in short order. Doesn't mattter if it's heat, cold, rain, snow, or whatever, if you have the proper gear you can still enjoy outdoor activities.

Last week one morning it was ZERO degrees out when I went for a run and I was layered up and plenty comfortable. On Saturday I took the dog for a five mile hike in the snow. I was actuall too warm by the end of the hike even though the temperature was in the high 20's. Report
I am SO BUMMED. I have been injured or sick since February 1, and so much want to get back to my normal exercise routine and my normal strength and flexibility. Broken ankle, virus, now on my third UTI. BUMMED! Report

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