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The Quest for Functional Foods

Foods with Function or Designed for Deceit?


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All of the functional foods are also processed foods that contain preservatives and other additives, I prefer to eat a "clean" food diet where I get these benefits naturally. Report
I eat a healthy diet. Most of the time Report
My inclination is to eat less complicated foods generally. Fewer packaged items and for some reason Activia and similar yogurts din’t taste all that good. There is a case for stanols according to my doctor so maybe —- but not the OJ. There are buttery spreads with added stanols that are ok. No idea if it’s helping me though. Report
I try to stay away from overly precessed food with a lot of additives and eat more basics like fruit, vegetables.f Report
This is what I like to call a No nonsense article. Report
thank you Report
This article makes me glad that I'm already wary of advertising for functional foods. Whole foods are best and generally not the engineered ones. I do buy and eat the omega-3 eggs. They even seem to taste better to me than regular eggs. Report
Maybe just more whole, natural foods Report
Lots of unfounded claims on lots of foods out there. Buyer beware! Report
Very helpful article to help me with my nutritional planning Report
Very interesting article! Report
thanks Report
I eat particular foods because they taste good and I like them. If a product contains additional, potentially beneficial ingredients, that's a nice plus, but I don't go out of my way to seek them out. Report
Great info! Thank you for sharing this one. Report
Promise margarine (Walmart) has less salt. It is made with vegetable oil. I like the clean taste; no aftertaste. Report

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