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Chronic Stress: Something to Worry About!

How to Stop Stress in Its Tracks


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Great article and very informative. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Find the humour in life’s ironies - yes! I find a good chuckle from the way of the world helps relieve some of the hopelessness I feel at the way of the world!
Thank you. Report
Thanks for the information. Report
Being retired for one year now, the stress in my life is greatly reduced! ... However, i feel one way to keep the stress in check is to make 'smaller lists' daily, thereby creating more time for pleasure in life. I no longer bite off more than i can chew! Report
I can attest to stress leading to high blood pressure. I have always had low to low normal BP until about six months ago. I finally had to start BP meds this week. I have monitored it on a daily basis for 2 months...fractured foot meant NSAIDS which caused it to rise so I stopped NSAIDS after 4 days. BP went down but I noticed that whenever I watched or listened to the news, it would go up. Since I can't live in a vacuum,..well, here I am. Report
Lots of helpful suggestions in this article Report
Great thought provoking article. Thank you for sharing! Report
I guess I needed this article lol Report
...we will always have stressors in our lives... from what can i prepare for a healthy dinner tonight to a dentist or doctor's appointment...the key: how will i manage my stress?...thanks for this article... Report
I don't seem to have as much stress now that I am retired. Most of the stress that I did have was work related. Guess I have lightened up a lot since then. Report
"Time Management" skills are so important, as are good planning and relaxation skills too. Report
Adult "kids" cause my stress. I can't ground them because they don't live with me! Report
When we think we have stress figured out....a new one comes to challenge us. Report
many good suggestions about and for dealing with stress. I have strategies which work for me Report

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