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10 Bad Habits Keeping Weight Loss At Bay


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thanks for sharing Report
Good information. Thank you Report
When we know better, we do better, SparkFriends. Report
Going on a diet (let's call it what it is), to me, is controlling the calories I allow down my neck. I have been getting pretty good with maintaining that number to be between 1500 - 1700 each day. (I weigh 350+ right now).

When you start talking about all the other measurable things like salt and sugars and fat and cholesterol and all becomes mind-boggling. I have lost about 35 pounds thus far, but am at a standstill. On a plateau that will not break.

All these articles make it seem like I should have a full-time dietitian to plan and make all of my meals;, because I cannot keep track of all of the different things I read about in these articles.

I am fat, but I am not a health guru. Sometimes, Spark makes me a little depressed. Report
Nice article but not happy with the use of diet, after all we have been conditioned to this is a life change not a diet. Report
What happened to "it's not a diet it's a lifestyle"? ;) Report
This may not be the best thing to do to lose weight, but I'm doing it, and losing weight slowly. I'm eating one chocolate bar each day. It is lower sugar than many. I'm not having any cravings. It gets me thru the afternoon. I've lost 5 pounds in one month. And I don't feel deprived. Report
I didn't give up sugar and gluten to lose weight. I gave it up for health reasons. I only consume 28 grams of natural sugar a day through high alkaline fruits and vegetables.
I did lose weight and have kept it off. I eat bread but gluten free bread. I eat gluten free cereal. I don't feel deprived. I eat chocolate and gluten free almond scones as well as carrot cake.
What I can tell you is that my pH is balanced, I no longer take any medications and I am no longer hypothyroid.
For me, this is a lifestyle change I can live with.... Report
This puts it all in perspective. Make simple changes and don’t expect things to happen overnight. Report
This is a very good article---informative! I really appreciate the information! Report
Good reminder to "keep it real". Report
Interesting article and a great checkup on for me. Report

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