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Why Getting Outside is So Good for You

Are You Nature-Deprived?


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Having long cold winters that last way more months then the summer, every minute I spend out in the warmth is cherished. I live in a city and have no transportation so I seek out what ever green spaces there are here. Fortunately, the city is split by a river valley and there are earth and paved trails that run along it on both sides, my favorite place to be! Wildlife and birds can be seen regularly along it. The non stop traffic noise may intrude, but its still a special place to be. Closer to the industrial areas its a bit quieter. You don't know how precious being outdoors is until you are shut in recovering from surgeries or flares as I have been so many times. Report
My cardiologist told me aweek ago to spend 15 min outside daily.
Aside from physical,health, my oldest son, 43,likens spending time in the woods/forest as giving him the same soulful experience as sitting in a formal church sevice. He says it is where he is closest to God. Report
I have a love hate relationship with nature. I have horrible outside allergies but I love nature walks! I walk outside 2-3 times a week, more depending on the weather. I have a walking buddy so that really helps! Report
I love to hike, walk or golf in the summer and ski (downhill or crosscountry) in the winter. Got some hiking in over this past weekend as well as spending three days in the mountains - I feel great! Report
I have unsalted peanuts for the blue jays. We have the regular couple. Sometimes there are over 6 that show up for the snacks.
The couple lets me know that they are there. The others appear to just be passing through. Being outdoors beats being inside, any day. Report
I enjoy the outdoors as it's (sometimes) so fresh and gives me a clean feeling, especially early in the morning and when it rains. You can hear the sounds of nature early before the whole world gets up with their horn blowing and pollution. It's also a way to get in your vitamin D. Oh, yeah, SparkFriends Report
Love going outside and gardening or walking the dog. Also love to bike just don't have a bike right now. A lot of times in the early and late summer/autumn I love to sit outside in the morning with a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise and at night to look at the stars. Report
I love walking outside. Now if this endless winter with its much rain, wind and heavy snow squalls ever comes to an end, I will be right out there walking. Report
I don't know if the specific benefits of being outdoors are well supported by research, but I can add that I thoroughly enjoy being outdoors any time. Bicycle riding gives me a sense of freedom (wind in the hair kind of feeling - even with a helmet), and walking is my routine way of getting places. For me that's pretty urban - but there are parks around here. I will see about making them destinations. Report
Made it outside but not until after 5:30pm. Not a whole lot of sun in cloudy Kansas City! Report
Getting outside is important... As the ice and snow melt--- I will be out more & more this time of year... I LOVE this time of the year... ! Report

love workout in the morning
All this is so true. I try to get out for a walk or work in my garden each day. Report
My Husband and I look for new places near our home each weekend to walk/hike/run. We have our favorites but it's fun to try near places. Report
I have always known that your body, mind and soul do better is you spend time outside--lots of it, and regularly. How did I know? I have always done so and when I can't get out enough, I notice the difference. I believe the reason is that we are not just people--we are part of a grand universe that is interconnected in many ways, many of which may not be known to us.

Currently, gardening is my main "reason" for being outside, but if I didn't have a garden that consumed so much time, I would find other things that did. When I lived in the south west where gardens in waterless rock were almost impossible, I was given a dog that tolerated drought well and I would walk with him out in the dessert for hours at a time. When I lived in New York City, I walked miles every day and that included walking through Central Park or around other green spaces. I even paid an extra $10 a month for an apartment with a view of the Hudson river, which appeared in a space a few feet wide between buildings.

A friend once asked me why the moon would affect a person. She had read something about changes in behavior or mood related to the moon. I reminded her of the tremendous power of the moon on tides, which I knew she understood from having grown up near an ocean. Then I pointed out that she was over 95% water, so it would be more strange if the moon had no effect on her than if it did.


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