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Healthy Ways to Deal with Dry Skin

Bring the Life Back to Your Skin with These Healthy Habits


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I used to have dry skin. I still do, except where I have developed cellulitis. That skin is so damaged, a little cut can take a year to heal. Report
Not mentioned is alone vera which helps soothe itchy skin, not just burns. I am allergic to lanolin & yes, vaseline on hands w/ gloves over helps hold in moisture but doesn't add any. You must not only drink water, you need fat in your diet. I eat real butter & use both olive or peanut oil when cooking (EVO for some salad dressing) & coconut oil. I eat it plain, use for some cooking, & rub into my worst dry areas like elbows.
For warm baths dissolve 1/4 Cup bentonite clay to offset fluoride & chlorine in municipal water system then add Epsom salt & a little ACV which will help bring the skin's ph back to normal. Moisurize w/in 2 minutes of drying off gently.
If you have no issue w/ fragrances, Avon makes Skin So Soft which is a good cleanser when soap is too drying. All 3 formulas contain shea butter or jojoba oil.
I often skip soap & just use water when winter or the dry desert takes it's toll. A humidifier is very helpful too.
For my lips I use Blistex ointment year round thruout the day then go over it w/ Burt's Bee balm. I take zinc picolinate off & on both to prevent illness like a cold virus & to help healing of chapped skin. It helps also for eczema but don't take daily, it can build up & cause other issues. Report
Thanks. Report
Awesome article! Thanks. Report
I live in Colorado which has very low humidity. It's extremely dry during the winter, not quite as much in the warmer months, but still dry. I have very sensitive skin and have to be careful about what I use to moisturize. A friend suggested Eucerin cream - it's non-scented, extremely moisturizing but not greasy. It's the best thing that's ever worked for me. Report
Good information Report
I don't suffer that much, only sometimes. I then use a hand cream which works Report
Olive oil and Coconut oil works great. Butter is great too for dry lips. We also used to rub vitamin E on the skin as well. Report
thanks..... Report
I use pure cocoa butter as a sun block, moisturizer, for age spots, elbows, knees, feet. Good article, thanks for the reminder! Report
Rarely have dry skin patches. I regularly eat all of the foods recommended in this article to avoid dry skin. Interesting. Report
Good article and I really appreciate all the comments with even more tips. Report
Thank you Report
If in addition to dry skin you have dry eyes and dry mouth you may well have Sjorgen's syndrome. I know because I have developed it. Sjorgen's is an autoimmune disorder to be managed but cannot be cured. I now have eye drops- at the moment just OTC, use dry mouth toothpaste and mouthwash (important because dry mouth that is not due to thirst can lead to decay and gum disease) and have an OTC but expensive lotion. For quick relief in between serious applications, I use a mixture of Nivea and tea tree oil. So far so good. Someone else said lanolin is their answer. I'm actually allergic to lanolin which is an ingredient in so many products. Just like with food, check the label.

So when dry skin is due to weather conditions and overexposure - or not drinking enough water - look to the common cure. Otherwise it may be in your interest to begin with a dermatologist. Report
Petroleum? Seriously?!?!?

I lived at 7500ft of elevation in the Rockies, and the winters were BRUTAL on my skin, it was dry, and flaky *IF* I didn't drink plenty of water, and while still damp from the shower, applying a THIN layer of Shea butter. Report

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