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Healthy Ways to Deal with Dry Skin

Bring the Life Back to Your Skin with These Healthy Habits


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Good article and I really appreciate all the comments with even more tips. Report
Thank you Report
If in addition to dry skin you have dry eyes and dry mouth you may well have Sjorgen's syndrome. I know because I have developed it. Sjorgen's is an autoimmune disorder to be managed but cannot be cured. I now have eye drops- at the moment just OTC, use dry mouth toothpaste and mouthwash (important because dry mouth that is not due to thirst can lead to decay and gum disease) and have an OTC but expensive lotion. For quick relief in between serious applications, I use a mixture of Nivea and tea tree oil. So far so good. Someone else said lanolin is their answer. I'm actually allergic to lanolin which is an ingredient in so many products. Just like with food, check the label.

So when dry skin is due to weather conditions and overexposure - or not drinking enough water - look to the common cure. Otherwise it may be in your interest to begin with a dermatologist. Report
Petroleum? Seriously?!?!?

I lived at 7500ft of elevation in the Rockies, and the winters were BRUTAL on my skin, it was dry, and flaky *IF* I didn't drink plenty of water, and while still damp from the shower, applying a THIN layer of Shea butter. Report
i suffer horribly from dry skin. nothing has worked to keep my skin from drying out over the days except lanolin (and i have tried it all). i can use lotions, natural oils, etc. for a time but i must reapply them constantly throughout the day. lanolin is the only product that protects my skin in winter and doesnt need to be slathered on me every two hours a day, Report
Petroleum has always left my dry skin/lips sooo much worse!

I have really bad dry skin in the winter, to the point where it cracks, splits, and bleeds. This year I developed eczema on my hands really bad and the dermatologist had prescribed my 5th prescription for this problem, with not one prescription providing any long-lasting relief. So my sister told me to try this lotion called Working Hands (sold at Home Depot, auto parts stores). Within a week, my hands are almost back to normal! I had my dermatologist look at the ingredients of the Working Hands and she said it looks really good. There were several different ingredients in there that she said should be in a good lotion. And she also reveled in the fact that it is unscented. Apparently scented lotions do more harm than good. And the Working Hands does NOT contain any petrolatum or petroleum or lanolin. So, obviously those aren't essential to relief. 5 prescriptions couldn't solve my problem, but 1 over-the-counter hand cream worked wonders! Worth a serious try! Report
Please do not puff up your subject times. The things written in this article will not "get rid of dry skin for good," Don't pat yourself on the back for this one. The title would more properly be, "Some Basic Info about your skin." What is written in the comments is far more useful. Sorry, editor, but this is not the Best of Sparkpeople by a long shot. This is just rehashed words. And this is not the first time I could have said this lately, I am sad to say. There is so much that is so excellent at Sparkpeople. But these editorials are becoming a negative to be avoided. Report
My skin is improving by leaps and bounds -- I did a major diet soda cut (I still drink it, but ... one bottle a day, if even) and started drinking half my body weight in water. My skin is softer and healthier than it's been since I was a teenager! Report

Maybe this article will help, too. It's two cosmetic chemists talking about plant-based moisturizers. It goes along the same lines as this one, but more in depth. Report
Ok...I find that if a dermatologist tells me to put petroleum on their body, I would find another one. You need to look into what is in petroleum jelly!!! It is not good for you at all. About 3 years ago I went to Cozumel and was attacked by sand fleas. I went to their little store at the resort and they told me to put this stuff(ammonia) on it which was on my legs. Let me tell you that after that, my legs are so scaly that I am embarrassed to wear anything that shows them. I am now putting coconut oil on them every day and it is like night and day now! Please use coconut oil and not petroleum jelly! Report
Olive oil is a natural oil, as is coconut, jojoba, and almond oil.
Petrolatum or petroleum jelly are absorbed into the blood stream where they carry away important nutrients from your body. Temporary fix for a long term problem.
Lanolin is from the wool of the sheep, and can be used to soften skin. I buy Jojoba oil and use it twice daily after washing my face, just a few drops. It is available on line quite cheaply at vitamin companies. Report
As soon as I hop out of the shower, without drying off, I lather all over my body with johnson's baby oil gel and air dry. (I choose the lavender but there are other options) Once completely dry my skin is so soft all day long :) Since the gel is pretty thick I sometimes mix a little jergens shea butter lotion with the baby oil gel and put it in a tiny bottle for a quick and on the go treatment for hands through out the day. (the lotion mixture in the oil gel helps with quicker dry time which is why I say it's great for on the go). Baby oil gel feels sticky at first (without the lotion) but when it dries you won't regret it :) Even if you aren't dry all the way put your clothes on and through out the day once dry you will start feeling aerodynamic lol. I love it :) It feels even better (for those that shave) through out the day when you put the baby oil gel on your legs after shaving! Smoooottth and light :) Hands down Johnson's baby oil gel I say :) Coconut Oil is also good too though :) If you ingest a couple of tablespoons a day of refined virgin coconut oil it helps with your skin from within and you can even put on your skin and hair :) Report
I find the skin on my hands will crack and bleed in the winter. A dermatologist told me to put vaseline on my hands at night and to put on a pair of gloves. I know this sounds odd but trust me it works. Report
I am in Chemo and talk about dry skin but I have it.....The clinic I go to (not CTCA) has me using 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup Epsom Salt rather than all of the scented moisturizing baths... it really helps! Report
Anyone recommending petrolatum etc. needs to update their education! Coconut or almond oil work wonders without all the bad stuff! Report

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