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An Exerciser's Guide to Skin Care

Can Workouts Cause Breakouts?


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Good tips. Thanks! Report
Thank you for these tips Report
Thanks, good article, I am always looking for ways to help improve and take better care of my skin. Report
I had to stop showering at one gym I used because even with thick soled flip flops I always picked up athlete's foot. It was so rampant. Report
good article Report
I enjoy the articles but I have found that reading the comments can provide benefits also! Report
Taking two steps forward and one step back is still progress! Report
If you wash your face multiple times a day in addition to showering it will help a lot. It does not mean other areas of your life do not be up to your bodily standards like bed sheets, pillow cases as well as your general environment. If you make these things a priority bad, and or worsening skin issues will be almost non existent. Report
This is a good article. Let me add an issue to it. I have a very deep belly button. While average cleaning of the belly button might be good enough, sometimes this area can get "funky". My deep belly button is due to a surgery going through the belly button and excessive weight gain and loss through the years.
I also had a problem with rashes in the underarm area, this was quite frustrating. Redness, itchiness and swelling.
I found a remedy for both of these problems even though my PCP gave me antifungal creams for both the issues....Dandruff shampoo! Yes, everyday dandruff shampoo. I used this every other day. Rinse thoroughly! and keep areas dry. Use deodorant once any redness goes away. This will help keep you dry and assist the issue coming back.
Hope this helps you. Report
Sweating during excercise doesnt cause acne unless you already have acne. In that case, acne bacteria comes out and finds new areas to infect.
I am acne prone. To control and get rid of acne, I periodically use "Niapads" - niacinamide pads for acne relief. Report
So, does sweating excessively from heat have the same good skin benefits? Report
I sometimes read these articles again. There is always something you forget about. Report
Diet and beauty are co related more healthy food you intake which gives natural source of vitamins and proteins make your skin supple and glowing.
I've had horrible acne, and I've used a lot of things to get rid/prevent it (topical gels, pills, you name it). A combo that gave me the best results (in my late teens) was proactiv and birth control, but even then I had moderate acne and would break out. After exercising regulary however, I barely have any acne, and my outbreaks are minimal. I thought sweat would clog pores, but reading and learning that it actually unclogs them is pretty cool! Report

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