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10 Signs You're Watching Too Much Television

Is Your TV Habit Interfering with Your Healthy Habits?


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You are watching too much television when one of the credentials to new-hires is to watch a specific program so you can discuss it at work. Seriously, this happened. Report
I was there once. I'm so glad I turned my life around. Even so, I found this article to be very humorous. Report
Too funny--commercials becoming your culinary inspiration! It brings me back to the Nacho, Nacho Man commercial. Report
About three years ago, I cancelled my cable TV and switched to watching Netflix. Five and a half months ago I cancelled the internet as well. Now the only thing to watch are DVDs.

I've seen all of my DVDs a million times, and if I want something new, I have to drive to the video store (yes, we have the last standing video store in the world ;). )

It surprising how little I miss TV when I don't have it. In fact, when I'm at the gym, I get annoyed watching TV, or should I say watching commercials, because commercials seem to be the only thing on. Report
Funny, my tv is on all day, but I am usually not actually watching it. I should switch it off and put on some music. I start the day out with news and then it just kind of stays on. I bought a table for my computer that eventually became a little table for my meals, that had to stop after a month. I got a real table and I actually eat with my back to the tv, on or off. It is better this way, but I do need to turn the darn thing off more often. Report
I don't watch television as much as I play video games. But I have a rule. If I'm playing a video game, I must also be working out. It can be walking in place, or something like that, but usually I'm on my pedal machine. So I'm on a more comfortable stationary bike the majority of the time I play video games (occasionally I realize I've stopped during boss fights, but I start again as soon as possible). If I'm watching TV, it's the same thing. I'm walking or pedaling or doing leg lifts. I just try to keep moving. Report
I mostly really get into the tv when my hubby and granddaughter come home. Report
Don't forget walk in place- very easy to do while watching tv. Also use the technology! I can watch a tv show live or recorded or streaming from a website or my cable provider anywhere within reach of my wifi on my iPhone. I always record anything I really want to watch, using an application on my Mac and a USB device which replaced my old tv. Then I can be interrupted any time and also can easily take a short minimeal break while watching a show and then just stop watching when I'm done, picking it up again on another break. TV doesn't have to make you eat mindlessly... But I do a lot of exercise while watching tv, again recordings let me do it for whatever time I want and whenever I want. I often watch while preparing food for now or later or doing other chores, the iPhone makes it easy. Report
There is so much junk on tv, I definitely DON'T have a problem with tv. I can't stand reality tv. I know people who don't answer the phone when certain shows are on. Now do a study on the computer, and there is my problem. I spend way too much time on it. Spark People, email, facebook, scrabble, church groups, shopping. The good thing is that I am starting to realize it and trying to cut down my time on it. Report
I don't watch TV, it's all rubbish, but the computer is my problem. Too many emails, ans I do all my shopping on line. i am trying to get this down to a minimum but can't seem to do it. Somebody please write a blog on this! Report
Bwaaahhhhhahahaha! I love the picture!!!! If I could get into that position, I would be at my goal!!! Let's keep in mind that computer time can be just as bad! Report
This is me! It is terrible! Home from work ...quick eat..get my iPad, my sudoku book, my cell phone, my bills and debit cards and I run to the tv room before my husband can get my spot on the couch. Yikes! I do get my exercise ball ready to be my foot rest. Often don't even know what is on the tv. We have to get a life!!!
You know you are addicted to the Tv when you take the time to watch the refund of the refund and you can say the dualities along with the characters!!! Report
I don't have cable or dish and haven't for years. Occasionally I may watch a movie but for the most part I have better things to do. Having to sit and relax is not a necessity, it its a modern belief. I can relax quite well standing or doing something. Report
I'm a radio gal - from a childhood without a TV set probably. Now my problem is this computer - neverending things to do on here!! Report

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