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Breaking Your Sugar Addiction

The 4-Week Plan to Stop Sugar Cravings


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I am definitely trying to limit my sugar intake. I drink my coffee without sugar now. Report
Good points! Thanks! Report
Great article but I still can't stop going to it Report
thanks Report
Thanks for the 3 Muskateers add, SP. Seriously, can you check your advertising a little bit? Report
Helpful hints are always appreciated Report
What works with me is reminding myself of how my sugar addiction prevents me from enjoying desserts and chocolate as I do when I am not constantly craving and bingeing. It looks like a paradox but it works. That homemade tiramisu slice becomes a precious flavourful memory when it is enjoyed in a once-a-week planned and anticipated indulgence, while it is only another painful failure when I have been stuffing my mouth mindlessly three or four times a day all week. I have the luck to be mediterranean, and also to dislike fizzy drinks, juice and sweetened yoghurts, so i just cut off all treats for two weeks and reset. Report
Thank you for the info. Report
You can't have just one gram of sugar. That's all it takes to get you back on the sugar train. Report
I have began to work on mine. When I go out to eat, I order water with lemon for my drink. And now I drink my coffee with no sugar. Report
Just use some common sense and willpower why does everything have to be such a long drawn out issue. Take Care of your mind and body Just Do It! Report
Sugar has been proven to be addictive as any other self destructive chemical. Watched a special showing brain after drugs or alcohol. It glowed just the same with sugar. Scary! Report
I found that when I gave up refined sugar, natural sugar tasted a LOT sweeter. Report
Great article that matches the similar challenge! Report
Great article! Report

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