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10 Reasons You Eat When You're Not Actually Hungry

And What You Can Do About It!


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I’m one of those people who will pick at food in front of me even if I’m not hungry. I’ve learned to recognize that if I’m making a “game” out of it, like looking through the bowl of popcorn to find the most buttery pieces then I’m not really hungry Report
Nice to identify these times to realize why I am eating when full. Report
I've been trough most of those, amazing what you can learn about your mind and body. Report
thanks Report
I'm all of those reasons, I think about losing weight everyday and by the end of the day I messed up again story of my life.
I eat all day and night I hate being me. Report
Thank you Report
Thanks! Report
I tend to eat out of boredom Report
great information Report
Yup, have to admit have hit every one of those reasons! Now, that is pretty much in the past thanks to SparkPeople. Report
I need to read this 3-4x a day.... Report
Good to know Report
Great info! Report
"If people only ate when they felt true hunger, few of us would struggle with our weight." Seriously. These stereotypes need to STOP! There are medical reasons that people lose appetite and there are also those of us who stress-starve. In fact, when I stress-starve I gain weight as the metabolism kicks down going "we won't allow you to starve." I still struggle with low appetite. I usually know when I'm hungry because I feel ill to my stomach - so in reality, I need to eat before I feel ill and dizzy. I can easily skip meals because I have a messed up appetite centre. Or when I'm dealing with high pain - like earlier in Sept - I stop eating and I gained 12 lbs. If simply not eating on a regular schedule or not eating unless hungry lost weight, I'd be a twig. It's not that simple. On the other hand, I know I eat when I'm bored, so I do work to stay aware of that and use boredom as a time for quiet inspiration, rather than eating. Report
good article Report

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