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10 Reasons You Eat When You're Not Actually Hungry

And What You Can Do About It!


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Boredom is the one I have to watch so if I find myself heading to the kitchen I make hot tea and then walk away. Report
good points Report
Biggest reason is boredom. Report
Have done all but one during my journey. However, most of these I have learn to overcome on the road to healthy eating. Report
I know I'm guilty of some of these things! Report
good reasons Report
I can relate to the afternoon, being tired reason. That's so me! Report
Some of those reasons are too true. Report
Thanks for the info Report
good article Report
Guilty of nine out of ten of the reasons over my lifetime. I was not raised with the guilty plate one and did not use it on my children. Report
When I want to eat when bored I am now taking my dog for a walk so I am busy and not thinking about eating. Report
Can't see how indulging can help get through an emotional situation; just know that overcoming emotional eating is my biggest hurdle. Report
Boredom. Yep. Gotta keep my hands busy.Time to knit! Report
thank you Report

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