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Coach Nicole's '28 Day Boot Camp' Workout DVD

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Thanks, Coach Nicole! This workout was great - perfect for me. I was an avid health and fitness type but got a bit derailed after having my son THIRTEEN YEARS AGO :-). I am back in the game and your pilates and bootcamp workouts GET THE JOB DONE! Short and to the point. Love it and keep 'em coming. Thanks SparkPeople :-). Report
I tried this again tonight - and I think I will stick with Leslie Sansone. Leslie gives advance notice before changing moves and is easier to follow. I couldn't even get thru the warm up without getting frustrated. Report
how many sets are there and how many repitiions do we do to chart in the my fitness Report
I wanted to add something about the foot work. At first, I had a terrible time with the grape vine and the boxing moves. I'm still not doing great, but I just do my best and modify the steps if I need. As long as you keep moving, you are keeping your heart rate up and doing what you need to do. Try the foot work each time and, eventually, you will get it. :) At first I didn't do the grape vine, I just stepped to the side. Now I can do it and rarely trip over my feet. lol What fun is a DVD that you can get right away and have nothing to work towards? ;) Report
I am loving this DVD! I'm about to do the Total Body Challenge for the first time. I love so much about this DVD. I love how well things are cued, I love Jewel in the back with the modification. I love Coach Nicole reminding us that it's ok to go at our own pace. In just two weeks, I'm already moving up from some of the modifications and that's with going easy on myself when I needed to. I'm still motivated to try for the advanced stuff as I can. I recommend this to anyone thinking about it. It is well worth the money. :) Report
Just bought it two days ago, and I'm about to do my first ever workout with the DVD. Wish me luck! Report
I love this DVD. I got mine as a digital download and I'm glad I found this article. As mentioned, there isn't a DVD menu with the downloads so I had no idea where workouts were in the video and you also don't get the boot camp plan as pictured above. I love the modifications to make the dance moves simpler. Like others I am uncoordinated but after adding the modifications and being able to watch while still working out I'm slowly getting coordinated and able to do more and more moves that I couldn't on the first day. Now that I have the layout of the workout plan I'm going to start it. Report
I bought it when it first came out and since I've been on a self-destructive bent of eating and laying around, it's still in the shrink wrap. HOWEVER, I'm dusting if off and getting back in the game tonight. It takes me a while to learn steps of new DVDs, but I know if I keep at it and keep a positive outlook, I'll succeed.

If it was easy, it wouldn't be worth the effort, eh? Report
Steps are a bit more complicated than I expected (moves a little fast) but after practice am able to get it. Would have liked to have seen more strength training and ab work. Report
Purchased the Dvd today. I love it! Im so uncoordinated that it does take me a while to catch on but I love a challange. Shooting to loose 50# 12 down, 38 to go! Report
I just finished day 9. When it started, I thought, oh my gosh 30 minutes is going to feel like forever... and suddenly we were in cool down!! Amazing. I still find moves tricky, but I know as long as I keep doing what I can it gets easier!! Report
When I received the DVD I was excited to get started, now I want to do this all the time.... I was very tired at first, but I know I need to take my time and do it by my own discretion... Thank you and I will keep up the pasted.:) Report
I love this DVD. I am on day 18 and lost 4 pounds last week alone. I think it is great. Although it may take a few times to learn it all that's okay. I am in for the long haul. I will definately continue with this and start back at day 1 when finished until i reach my goal weight. Report
I just started using this DVD and I love it. Can't wait to see the progress at the end of the month. Report
Started doing this last week and am really enjoying it so far. I do feel a little unco-ordinated and keep stuffing up the boxing segment, but hopefully I'll get it in the end! Report

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