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Eating with Diabetes: Alcoholic Beverages

How Alcohol Affects Your Blood Sugar


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Great info Report
Excellent information, thanks! Report
Thanks for the article! Report
Yes, the crystal light cocktail flavors do make a nice drink, but you still have to keep control. Easy to drink a few of these quickly. I put it in a martini glass which makes it really feel like a cocktail even without the vodka. Report
Why drink? There are better sources of antioxidants, and there are much better ways to relax. Report
I'm not a big drinker, but wanted to add that the Mojito flavored Crystal Light "Mocktails" is awesome. Never dawned on me to add a touch of alcohol to it, sometimes things can stare you right in the face huh? Report
I forgot to add in moderation of course. My mother has diabetes and she drinks a small glass once per week and her numbers are fine. Definetly something to discuss with your health provider of course. Report
I still believe in the power of a glass of red wine Report
I live in Manitoba. Where do you buy Crystal Light Mocktails? I would like to give them a try. Report
Yes, I just got my first Mocktail mix. We will see!

I was under the impression that alcohol is processed by your liver into fat (well, acetyl CoA anyway), not glucose. This is kind of like how fructose is processed. Thus, actual alcohol should have very little affect on blood sugar even though it is a carbohydrate. That said, many alcoholic beverages are filled with carbohydrates that ARE processed into glucose. In Germany, they call beer, liquid bread! Also, excess alcohol being processed into fat leads to fatty liver, which is also a bad thing for diabetics! Report
Thanks for the chart.

And TAMMY8395's comments have prompted me to add Crystal Light's Mocktails to my shopping list!

Slainte' Report
Crystal Light has a product called Mocktails that is very good. You can substitute the appropriate alcohol for a portion of the water. We have found that when we make the product at the recommended strength, the flavors are not quite strong enough to really represent the "real" beverage it is mocking. So, we only add enough water/alcohol combination to get the flavor we like. They have quite a variety to choose from and our favorites have been margarita (which really gets a real flavor if you add a little freshly squeezed lime), appletini, and a cranberry flavor that is great with vodka. Yum! Report

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