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Eating with Diabetes: Counting ''Net'' Carbs

What Are Net Carbs? How Do They Affect Blood Sugar?


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Keeping carbs down Report
This is not a full understanding of net carbs as I understood it. If you are eating whole foods like say a cucumber, then all the fiber can be subtracted bc there are no additives or starches or anything else that would affect the carb count. I thought this method was only to be used for processed foods. Like if your going to eat some chips then this would be true or a better way to count carbs. Has anyone else had it explained to them like it was explained to me? Have I been doing it wrong? Report
Informative article, very helpful when making food choices. Report
Im keeping the carbs down! Report
Trying to get my net carbs down... so good article. Report
I am never sure about amount of carbs I should have Report
I need to keep reviewing Carb Counting over and over to completely understand it. Report
SO very helpful! Report
Never heard to subtract only half the fiber. I'm new to low carbs and have been subtracting my total fiber grams from the total carb grams in the nutrition tracker. It seems to be working for me. Although, I am not diabetic and I eat mostly whole foods. Report
Thanks for this. I had never heard of "net carbs" before! Report
Yes, the "Low Carb Craze" was perfect for the tweekers amongst us to foul up the rules to suit themselves ! Just count the carbs and forget the trying to get two more bites of food......
And a POX on doctors handing out diet sheets instead of referrals to a real dietician, those are "no nothing, don't bother me" doctors, should not be allowed to practice anymore! Report
Sounds a bit like voodoo to me: eating more of the food because the fiber is reducing the carb count is raising the calorie count; one expert says subtract half, another says subtract it all, the third says only make the subtraction when the fibre count is more than 7; stay within the range and all will be good. 8-) Report
Good article, When diagnosed with Type II diabetes I asked my Dr. about carb counting, he just handed me an info sheet which was very confusing, then I was told by a friend that it was meant to go with a diabetic exchange meal plan not provided.

Anyway, now I'm convinced that I just need to count actual Carbohydrates instead of trying to play this loosely defined net carb game.

And why can't I get a straight answer when I say, I'm this age, height, weight, and sex, How many carbs should I have per meal or per day? Report
Excellent article! Report

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