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Save Time with Big Batch Cooking

Tips for Meal Planning


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Not only do I have lots of practice w/ this, I also suggest cooking more thsn one dish at a time. Even chopping vegetables you might as well spend a few minutes more & double or triple the amount. Diced carrots, celery, & onions are always needed since they are a base for so many recipes. Add cut up potatoes & put into a pan w/ a roast or chicken for your oven. Start a batch of goulash by incorporating bell peppers & tomatoes w/ ground beef or turkey. Chicken vegetable soup is self explanatory by adding whole or parts of the bird plus any other veggies you like or have on hand; dried, frozen, canned or fresh. I often combine a variety w/ seasonings. Or use leftover ham w/ beans, peas, or lentils. Beef short ribs & barley w/ that trilogy is hearty & filling. I often cook 2 or 3 meals while in the kitchen even on a weeknight. Cook big meals & freeze an extra one of each. Vary things too. I do chicken or pork enchilada casserole (the corn tortillas are layered like lasagna noodles so not fried in oil) w/ green verde sauce & shredded Jack or provolone one time, then top w/ black olives & diced fresh tomatoes. Use beef w/ red sauce & cheddar cheese the next time & garnish w/ sliced avocado & sour cream. Variety really helps so no one gets tired of eating the same thing. Making burgers? While they cook put together a meatloaf. Sloppy Joe night? Double the meat mixture to stuff some bell peppers. The time you spend will come back on all those nights or days when you simply thaw or reheat. Doing this could mean only cooking twice a week Report
Good information Report
thanks Report
Great info, thank you. Report
Thanks. This is a good article. Report
I love big batch cooking. My freezer is full of healthy (and a couple
"not as healthy") meals, soups, raw burgers (chicken and beef). Probably three times a week we grab something from there when I don't feel like cooking or no time. Sure is better than running out to fast food or a restuarant. I buy meat when it is on sale and make my big batch magic. Report
Good information. Thank you Report
Good article Report
Loved to batch cook but hubs & kids feast upon the meal. Report
I don't have a lot of room in my freezer but I do freeze soups and chili. I appreciated that you gave the freezer life of foods. I didn't know what it was. Report
The most I ever cook is for the day and the next, don't have a lot of room, it would be nice to fix a week worth of meals. Report
I do big batch cooking a lot of the time. It is so nice to go to the freezer pull out something good to eat. The next day heat it up and eat, saves a lot of eating out, which is hard to get healthy food. Try it you will like it too. Report
I ALWAYS aim to cook once and eat at least 2-3 times. I cook for 2. Even if you have people that don't like leftovers... they will appreciate the same meal again in a week or two! We batch grill hamburgers that are plump instead of flat. I freeze them on a cookie sheet and then line them up in a wide mouth canning jar with wax paper between. Such a fast meal to plop a couple out, add veggies for a side dish and off we go. Being low carb, these work for any meal of the day! I have a chorizo recipe I make and fry up 4# into the same size patty and freeze in the canning jars as well. THIS is what we call fast food at our house! I always make soup in large batches and freeze in meal sized containers. Makes clean ups easier and there is never a reason to get take out!
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We are a family of two but make chili; legumes (freeze well); soups; and pasta sauces in quantity and freeze them. We also freeze fresh fruit (berries and cherries and bananas) and many seasonal veggies - some you need to blanch but then they are good for 6 months. It helps so much with planning when the entrees are almost "table ready" in the evenings. Lunch the next day - leftovers of course : -) Report

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