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7 Ways to Weekend-Proof Your Workout Plan


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I always schedule me time, that's when I go for my bike rides! Report
Good tips. Thanks. Report
Go dancing

I have loving memories when my late wife and I would spend so much time just dancing together.
And it didn't take any coaching. The needle dropped and we were on our feet.

In the living room we would be watching a movie musical on TV. The music would start and we would be in each others arms.

In the kitchen, cooking or washing dishes, it was like THE BIG CHILL LIVE.

But always get out of the house, away from the kids, turn on the radio and turn on the two step. It didn't matter where. The yard. In the pool. The park. The sidewalk. The shopping center. Of course Clubbing. SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER seven days a week. And sometimes EIGHT DAYS A WEEK. (CAUTION: If you break into a dance during and Aerobics Class at the Gym, the others in the class may start following you and not the instructor. Cool for them. P.O.'d for the instructor.

At first the kids would giggle and make "Lovie dovie" impressions. As they got older it became "OHHHH! Mom. PLEASE Dad? You guys are to old for that kind of stuff." We never were.

Just thinking about these Movement in the Moment experience it recalls fond loving memories. As we Shim Shamed in the Shopping Mall the kids would get mortified. While other adults would share a slight smirk and a loving glance at their other.

During one Christmas Shopping rush we were dancing in the aisles to the Holiday Music, while picking out presents. We had made such an impact on other shoppers that later there were a number of couples dancing along the Malls Concourse. Enjoying an unexpected Cardio w/o. Enjoying their loved one in their arms. ACTUALLY enjoying Christmas Shopping.

Think about it. Waltzing through Wal*Mart. A Tango in Target.
A Fandango in Friendly's. The Macarena in McDonalds.
An Adagio in AutoPlus. Jitterbug in J.C.Penny. A Pas de Deux in Pier1. (You broke it, you bought it.)
A Bugga-Lo in Brentano's. The Lindy Hop in Lindy's (a bit redundant).
Raving in Rave. A Rumba in Rent-a-Center. Salsa in Sear's. Foxtrot in Family Dollar.
Merengue in Microsoft. Samba in Saks 5th Avenue. Swing Dancing in Sam Goody.
And don't get me started on what us guys could do in Victoria's Secret.
For MACY'S...I gots nothin'.

Get on your feet
Get up and make it happen
Get on your feet
Stand up and take some action
Get on your feet
Don't stop before it's over
Get on your feet
The weight is off your shoulder. Report
Great ideas. Thank you. Report
Great tips . . . whatever it takes to stay on track. Report
Thanks. Report
Thank you for sharing. Report
interesting article. Report
Good info thanks Report
Thanks good ideas Report
Gotta do the hard work Report
Great tips! Report
Thanks for the info! Report
Great! Report

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