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The Deal with Diabetes

Learn How it Affects You


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I like this article. It gives the reader encouragement to learn more about diabetes...all they can! Report
Great information Report
Thank you for the information Report
Good info thx SP! Report
Updating article would help, but much info is still accurate. New drugs out theremight be even better. Report
Information is from 2004, very little of it rings true today. Report
Good to know. Report
Very informative. Thank you! Report
I want to ward off Diabetes, that's why I'm here at SPARK to motivate me to eat well and exercise to lose weight! Thank you for the great article! Report
Thank you for the article. Report
Good article Report
Because I just can't come to terms with being 145 pounds I often tetter between not being or type 2 diabetes. I have to let my subconscious STOP being the boss of me! I need to be my best healthy self since the 90s. Report
Excellent article. Good information to help you make good food choices! Report
Great article. I was a diabetic for 8 years taking Metformin, but not exercising or having a diet plan. 5 months ago I landed in the hospital with a 810 glucose reading and an A1C of 13.8 % going into a coma and cardiac arrest. Leaving the hospital I was ordered to take an average of 81 units of insulin a day to survive.
Today I walk/jog 10 miles every morning at 4:30 am, I prepare myself well planned meals, eating vegetables 5 times a day.
I have lost 54 pounds and have gone to a 22.4 BMI fat percentage, gone from a 41" waist to a 32" waist. Currently taking only 10 units of insulin. My A1C was 5.4% my blood sugar average being 90.
Monday, 7/17/2017 I will see my diabetic Doctor and the plans are to eliminate all medication I'm taking as the result of what I am doing.
As a bonus, my blood pressure medication has been reduced and my cholesterol medication has been eliminated.
All thanks to this program. Report
Awesome Blog! I've been a Diabetic 2 for many years. I started out on pills, then went to injection, not insulin.

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