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6 Things Your Personal Trainer Wishes You Didn't Do

What Your Personal Trainer Really Wants to Tell You


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If they listen and care, then they can help you. Not all care...just there for the $$$ Report
Very interesting Report
Great article! Report
thanks for sharing Report
Have to let them know so they know how they can help me get healthier Report
Good things to keep in mind. Report
Thanks for the tips Report
Information good to know. Report
Oh WOW...good to know... Report
I'm perfectly willing to explain my health issues (bange up knee, major abdominal surgery), but the PT has to be willing to actually take them into account when putting together a program. I've had encountered trainers who wouldn't, e.g. the guy who wanted me to warm up on an ellipitical trainer even after I told him elliptical trainers are hard on my knees, and that I'd rather use a stationary cycle or treadmill. Report
who knew..not me Report
Now I have to worry of how much I am talking with my trainer. Give me a break!!! Report
Man! And I thought it would be great to be a personal trainer 😀😀😀 Report
Complaining? Pushing hard? My trainer pushed me so hard even though I have told me I was in pain that I needed a an operation to fix my shoulder that got damaged as a result. I had to stay in bed for 6 months because I couldn't even walk get dressed or bathe on my own. It has taken me 12 months to recover and I have gained over 60 pounds. Trainers should listen to our complaints because there might be some truth to them. Pushing hard is again very tricky. They push you but they don't actually know how much you can take and there is a fine line between lifting heavy and damaging yourself. Report

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