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8 Reasons Why Your Workout Isn't Working

Sneaky Reasons Why You're Not Getting Results


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Great information, thank you Report
Good information. Thank you. Report
I am guilty of most of these. Report
Thanks Report
I don't sit around because am busy in my schedule and I really don't stay in my apartment during the day, the only time am siting around it will be in the evening or a certain day or a class. I do workout alto on Monday with my aunt or a gym and Tuesday I do a you tub workout and Wednesday walking after my classes and Thursday I do a you tub workout and Friday I do a light workout on you tub and I walk after my class in the evening. I go to the gym on some Saturday. On Sunday is my rest day. Report
another interesting article! Report
Change it up. Report
Thanks Report
thank you Report
I noticed that I was rewarding myself with food after I increased the intensity of my workouts. I think my subconscious was picking up on the pattern, but I was not. After reading this article, I realize that is exactly what I am doing. Realization is most of the battle. Thank you so much!! Report
Thank you. Report
Thanks Report
Fantastic article!!! Report

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