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'A Registered Dietitian Changed My Life'

How She Changed the Way I Viewed Food--and Everything Else


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great. Report
I've struggled with eating disorders for most of my life, and I've never thought to see a Registered Dietician. Thank you for sharing this information! Report
I wish that working out too much was my problem. I'm having trouble getting myself to strength train at all. Report
Alot of good information thank you! Report
good info thanks Report
Thank you for this article and all of the information within it. You described so much of my behavior, I won't go into it but I am going to look for a RD. I want you to know that with just what you wrote about the "exercises" you were given to relearn "full" and "hungry" would go a long way to help me. Thank you again. Report
I've been thinking about seeing a registered RD. If I have to pay for this is it very expensive? Report
I have gone to see an RD a couple of times because I have celiac disease. I was amazed at the quality teaching tactics she used to help me think about food and my choices. I also highly recommend going to see an RD. Report
Thank you so much for this. I read this and said "Oh goodness, this is me!" This has really helped me into thinking I should make an appointment with a RD. Report
Loved the article. Report
I have Neuropathy & was told that if I lost weight maybe it would go away. Therefore, my Neuropathy Specialist referred me to a dietician. I have been seeing her for awhile now. I go about every 3 months & get weighed in & we talk. I have learned so much from her - things I have never even thought of before! She is wonderful! I agree that if you've never seen a dietician I would highly recommend it if you are someone who is trying to lose weight & want to learn more about the process & yourself! Report
Thank you for sharing your story Jenn. RDs can help with many issues indeed, but especially with disordered eating. Report
Great points in this article! I explored the idea of becoming an RD but the schooling just won't work for me so I'm going to school to be a Health Coach. I will not have as much schooling as an RD in the science background, but will still be able to help people become healthier using coaching techniques and helping them figure out their own way. Report
Great article! I may need to find a registered dietician. Hopefully one as good as yours! Report
I really enjoyed this article. Report

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