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Strategies that Fight Cellulite

Getting Rid of Cellulite: What Really Works?


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Great information Report
Interesting Report
I do not appreciate the dismissal at the end: Stop fighting and accept it. This "love the skin your in" concept is patronizing and not good advice at all. If a person dislikes the appearance of cellulite, then they can create the change. A health article should not dismiss their feelings by telling them it's harmless so get over it. Report
Good article Report
If this is a problem of being over weight then why do skinny people also get it. Report
Good article but i like the end the best that says stop fighting it and love the skin you are in. Smile, I know that's easier said then done. Report
Glad to know thst it is jyst a predictable byproduct of WL. Report
My cellulite is due to lost of weigh and having a child. It's gotten better just in exercise and using moisturizing creams. I'm not into peer pressure sells and use the products I normally purchase. Not sure if anything works to get rid of it. I'm happy with being me! Thanx for the information. Report
I've used several anti-cellulite creams in the past. I've been using dermalmd cellulite serum for 2 months now. My skin is smoother and a bit more firm. I believe the cellulite on my thighs, butt and stomach has been visibly reduce. This product doesn't eliminate cellulite but I'm happy with the reduction in its appearance. Report
I have a very small amount of cellulite on the back of my thighs that developed during my last pregnancy. I decided to try this product to see if it would go away. I haven't noticed a difference in skin texture/cellulite, but am still pleased with this lotion. It is moisturizing, has a pleasant smell, and great tingly sensation that makes me feel like I'm doing something. Report
Sorry I have to go with nature vs nuture on this one. If you are genetically predisposed to cellulite, it does not matter what your diet consists of. People who eat only healthy food, and are at a healthy weight can have cellulite. I also know people who eat tons of crap, and are skinny as a rail with no cellulite. Sometimes you win the genetic lottery, and sometimes you don't. You have to play with the cards you were dealt to the best of your ability. Report
This article is disappointing. I am at least 50 lbs overweight. My entire family gains fat easily. We don't have cellulite because we don't eat junk food. Those dimples have nothing to do with calories consumed or weight lifting, foam rolling or "creams". It has to do with health and sugar. Eat vegetables and avoid the chemicals in the preservatives, food coloring and flavorings. Report
Hey girls! My name is Patricia and I'm 33 years old. Like most of you I suffered the annoying cellulite problem and I can say that it's really hard to have it because you feel really unconfortable with your body...

That's why I put in my head that I had to finish with this issue to feel confortable with my body again. After trying some creams, products and treatments (that doesn't gave me any effect)... finally, searching trought internet, found a method that worked! It was amazing. After 4 weeks doing it I had some good results and I was very happy with it!

As an ex-cellulite sufferer I want to share with all of you the method that changed my life because I know how hard it's to be affected with this problem. That's the site I found:

Now that I'm a "cellulite free" girl I can say that It's really easy if you know how to attack the problem! If this could help only to one of you (I hope that more) I will be happy to having shared my history :)

Kisses! Report
Recently I bought Dermalmd Cellulite Cream for my daughter who always complains about having cellulite. So far she seems very happy with it, says its making her skin feel tighter and more toned and she feels more comfortable in leggings. She says it soaks in quite quickly which means you can dress sooner without worrying about it leaving marks on your clothes. it has a pleasant smell and is a thickish cream, thick wnough that it doesnt run off your hands, but thin enough tp spread well so you don't end up using half in one go. overall, very happy with Dermalmd Cellulite Cream and may just steal it off my daughter for me!
I find it comical that people are using this article & comments to sell more "magic" cellulite creams! Marketers are persistent! Haha!

The message in this article is to learn to love your body, dimples & all. That's the only guaranteed cure to the woes, and're probably the only one that even notices you have it. If I do notice it on someone, it makes me feel better. It proves that we're all human, have all shapes / sizes, and are beautiful for it! Report

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