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Break Free from the Scale!

How to Stop the Scale from Determining Your Self-Worth


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Great article. Report
I agree that one should incorporate many measurements of success and not just the scale. Report
Great Article Report
Great article! Report
This is a great reminder! I know I have been losing inches, but that scale just is not moving! I did not think about measuring my fitness levels! Thanks for the advise, I appreciate it! Report
The scale is useful in the long range measurement, but daily weighing can lead to frustration and misinterpretation. Besides, the fit of the clothing and general indicators of health are important measurements too. Report
Thanks for the information. Report
The best changes are on the inside with lower a1c, cholesterol, and bp. Report
Thank you for listing other means of measuring. Report
no, I wear stretch clothes because Im to big. I'd never know I gained til I was 25-30 pounds larger if I didn't weigh. that would be a disaster. nope. weighing has helped motivate me to not slip MANY times over the last 10 years, and in the last 4 months it's motivated me to change my diet and do something to try to lose the ten pounds I gained at christmas, (that I wouldn't have known aboujt if not for the scales. the scale is a tool, not something that effects me emotionally Report
Great job Report
I get on the scale every morning. If it is down I am happy. If not it means I have to be more careful. I don't find it discouraging. Report
when I was young and wanted to drop a few pounds, I weighed myself constantly. Nowadays, I just go by how my clothes fit. I know what size i'm comfortable in. Report

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