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The Truth about Alcohol and Heart Health

Is Drinking Actually Good for You?


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I notice there's no mention of alcohol being a Group I carcinogen nor that WHO considers no amount of alcohol consumption safe due to the cancer risk. Report
Love reading the comments! Report
the comments are more interesting than the article. js Report
i Enjoyed watching The Truth About Alcohol on Netflix. very interesting and factual. They show many aspects of alcohol and how it impacts health in a fun informative scientific way. I was interested to learn that eating six walnuts has more of a positive impact on your blood pressure than drinking a glass of wine. so..there goes that excuse to drink. I guess researches in Europe are now reducing the amount thought to be safe to drink. Report
Good article, thanks! Report
I am one of those people who can enjoy the odd glass of wine but can also not have wine or any alcohol for months on end I just find alcohol way over rated. Report
Everyone has their opinion. Alcohol like anything else, has a different effect on people. Some drink a beer and are sloshed. Some "functional drunks" never seem drunk. My younger of two brothers is very light weight -- I drink him under the table. Not saying drinking is good, but you can't lump everyone into a statistic. People that don't drink (i.e. my mother never drank) have heart disease. Others (i.e. my Polish grandfather) drink alcohol like water and have no heart disease. To each his own. Report
My podiatrist says even moderate alcohol can increase early neuropathy in some people. Report
Empty calories. Find other ways to make positive changes in your health. Report
in moderation olny Report
With alcohol, like everything else, some good points, some bad points Report
Alcohol is a toxin to the body! It is absorbed and stored as FAT! Report
How many people here have telekenetic powers? Raise my hand.
- Emo Philips Report
God drink wine. I say wine is okay in moderation. Report
I eat and drink I do not go by studies. Live is short to worry about some study. Report

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