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84 Quick & Healthy Meals in Minutes!

A Month's Worth of ''Fit Food'' Meal Plans


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This makes deal planning so much easier. Report
I need to start. I think I'm going to start tonight
Is there a way to print out the menu? Each time I click on a link, it takes me to the article.
I'm not one to use such weekly meal planning. I do bestand it takes less time with a few basics that I know are healthy and that I like. I have oatmeal for breakfast most evey day, adding fruit or nuts or yogurt. Don't want to eat nuts every day, for example. Soup or tuna sandwich are good for lunch. Boyfriend makes literally vats of healthys oup so I can take advantage of that most days. Tho I do look at these menus for ideas that may interest me. Report
What's with all the low fat and high carb meals? Outdated! Report
We eat lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains, reduced fat dairy, etc. Meal planning and grocery shopping not the issue - snacking and quantity is my problem. Using this challenge to get back in the habit of tracking food and watching serving sizes and getting my afternoon graze under control! Report
So carb-heavy. Kind of disappointing - not my style of eating at all.... Report
Is there a way to get a pdf of the meal plan to make it easier to print? Thanks! Report
I'm sorry but most of these sound dreadful to me. They may be quick and healthy but they are not at all appealing. It's like seeing a menu in a fusion restaurant. Ugh Report
These meal ideas are great! Thank you. Report
Lots of good ideas. I know you need sponsors, but repeating the Green Giant plug when any veggie mix would do gets kind of old, at least by the 12th time. Season plain veggies yourself (even Green Giant's) and save a few additives.

Thanks for the great meal suggestions. I like to use some Spark recipes and some of my own and the program works great for me that way! Report
I am a vegan. I was hoping for optional choices. Report
Enjoyed the suggested meal plans and am excited to try some of the recipes. Report
Too many meals with wheat and dairy products. I guess I'll just stick to my own meals. Thanks anyway. Report

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