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14 Ways to Encourage Kids to Play Outdoors

Tips for Parents and Mentors


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Unfortunately we live in a world where child protection services are called on people who let kids play outside for hours... Yes really has happened! Report
When we lived in a farming town, it was easy to go outdoors all the time. But if we lived in a city, we would have had to pay more attention, too. And population was less back then, too. Both parents didn't have to work, back then, either. Times have changed. Quit belly aching about this. Report
What great ideas- even for we grandparents to encourage our grandchildren. Report
Sadly, it's not like it was when we were kids. People drive through my neighborhood with no expectation of kids jumping out in the road or being anywhere around them (because kids so rarely go outside nowadays). My dear daughter has no regard for cars around her either, so I have to watch both kids like a hawk if they leave the yard. I know us older folks can say "we came back in when the street lights came on." Unfortunately, that's dangerous now and you can get in trouble for it if you're not with your kids. I know in VA a family almost had their kids taken away for letting them walk about a mile to the park alone.

Also, I know there have always been "bad guys" out there...but with fewer kids outside now, it makes my kids a bigger target.

Don't get me wrong, my kids go outside frequently (in the yard or cul-de-sac), but I have to be out there with them. It takes away from time that I could be productive, but watching them play is fun in and of itself. :) It's just heartbreaking that they can't play like we used to...times change. Report
This is good advice for everyone. When I was a child, we played outside all the time. As I got older, I spent more and more time indoors. Maybe children spend so much time indoors because they see adults spending so much time indoors. Report
When we were kids parents needed articles on "How to get your Kids Indoors Before Dark". Report
I really like the idea of making he backyard child-friendly. We're almost there but I can see how it could be more friendly. Thanks for the information:) Report
Let's stop bringing up our children to live in Petri dishes!!! Report
Go GEOCACHING with them!They will learn stuff, see stuff, and have fun!
see: Report
I grew up in the city. We had one TV in the house, no a/c. In the summer, my brothers and I would wake up, have a bowl of cereal while we watched a cartoon or two then out the door we went till dinner time. That's what everyone did. Parents had to come outdoors to get us to come in and have supper. Everyone looked forward to going outdoors. It was very rare for a kid to spend time indoors. Very RARE. We didn't have much but there was always something to do. We find something to do. We used our imagination to keep occupied. We socialized and made new friends. I think that's what's missing nowadays, children rely on "things" to keep themselves busy and rely too much on their parents to keep from being bored. Report
What a truly wonderful article. When I was a kid, I was always jumping rope, up in a tree, hopping on a pogo stick or just about anything that was really active. My sister loved her dolls and reading. We were like night + Day. As adults we both are more than fine with adult children and grandchildren. Not everyone is the same for a lot of different reasons. But with all of the time WASTED on electonics just fooling around, I think it's healthier to try to get outside and get into nature. Outdoor activities, get back to roller skating down the sidewalks like kids use to do.Walk in the rain, I did that! MY kids did that and love the memories. Get out there with your kids and let the laughter and memories begin ! Report
Excellent article. I have a teenager that recently has decided that he is to busy to go outside after school.
I know that high school keeps him busy, but I would love for him to get out more.
Will offer some of these things. Report
Great article. I will have my grandchildren for the summer. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
My Mom's favorite idea was to just turn the AC off! Said she didn't want to have all 6 kids AND all their friends in the house all day. We spent our time outdoors playing kickball, catching garden snakes in the field (don't ask why), racing our bikes, and only came in when Batman was on, then went right back out again! Report

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