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Why Kids Need to Spend Time Outdoors

Does Your Child Suffer from Nature Deficit Disorder?


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A our homework was completed, this would be our place to hang out and enjoy the neighborhood. I saw a sign in a neighborhood I was driving through that says, "Drive like your children live here". I love it! Report
So happy I was able to raise my kids in a smaller town druing a time when they could play free outdoors. Now you have to be careful and have children supervised at all times. Report
thanks Report
Agreed we all need the time outdoors! Report
Fresh air and sunshine are good for human beings! Report
we all need outside time..just to be healthy Report
Everyone needs to be outside and away from devices. Report
We always played outside. We just put limits on device time Report
its up to the adults..we need to be outside too...and make sure they find things outside that they find fun Report
It's sad that our world is different now than it was when we were raising our children. However, I take my grandson & his friend's to the playground. We live in the country. It's a wonderful place to raise kids Report
Why do you think kids can't "free range" anymore? Exploring their neighborhood, community, etc is what makes being a kid a fun thing. I remember taking long, long bike rides to neighboring communities when I was a kid to check out their mill park or different playgrounds than the ones I was used to. Telling kids that they can no longer do those types of things just instills fear. Maybe make a family trip of it the first time if you are so afraid. But please, let kids be kids and explore their world. Report
Everyone needs time outdoors, not just kids! Report
I totally agree! I do worry about cars because, sadly, people aren't used to kids being outside & don't watch for them anymore (and my neighborhood has no sidewalks). There are also less kids outside for creeps to pick from, so mine have a better chance of being messed with by sickos (I had a family member get abducted by a stranger - luckily we got her back OK).

Having said that, my kids play outside in the fenced yard almost daily (where I can see them). We also frequently go to playgrounds, parks, fishing, hiking, sledding, snowball fighting, etc! It gets me outdoors too and I feel safe being able to watch my's a win-win! Report
This is SO TRUE! Kids NEED to be outside to gain all the benefits cited in the article AND to ensure that they care about the environment!! Report
My kids grew up in a coastal Oregon town where they were lucky to have lots to do outdoors. We have parks, nature areas, beaches and lots more. They a very large part of their free time outdoors as did I when I was a child. Report

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