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The 5 Worst Reasons to Work Out

Stay Motivated by Exercising for the Right Reasons


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Demonizing people's reasons for working out is just another form of fat shaming. Not good to see on Sparkpeople! Report
Whatever works Report
Embrace the journey to healthy living! Report
Whatever it takes.. Report
Is there a bad reason as long as you do it? Report
Whatever encourages me to workout is good Report
I like the positive was you reframe the reasons for working out! Report
I do like framing the reasons more positively. Thanks Report
My normal reason is because I should. Guess I need to think of the real goal. Report
thought provoking. Report
With fibromyalgia and neuropathy in the feet, I find it tough to do many of the exercises. But the limited mobility and the chair exercises do well. Thanks for the info. Report
Good information Report

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