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No More Boring Oatmeal!

20 Ways to Turn Ordinary Oats into Something Special


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Thanks for sharing Report
For breakfast; I use Quick Oats, a dash of sea salt, ground cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. Sometimes, I add juice from half of my halo mandarin orange. Sometimes, I add 1T raisins. Report
Great article Report
Great! Report
interesting Report
I make overnight oatmeal 3 times a week. Put in different fruit each time. Love it! Report
I've eaten rolled oats COLD with milk for years. Report
Somehow I've never seen this article before. I love oatmeal and there's some really great new ideas for me to try. Thanks! Report
I love thick cut and Dearly Beloved eats steel cut oats. Report
I do eat it everyday. Mostly steel cut. Report
I love oatmeal! Great ideas here that I also have used to add more fiber and variety to my bowl. Report
Oatmeal is the only cereal that doesn't leave me hungry in an hour or so. I always forgo the sugar and add dried fruit to the cooking water to plump them and spread the natural sugar through the water. Adding slivered almonds or chopped walnuts makes it extra hearty! When making meusli, I usually use yogurt for the dairy. It makes it extra thick and creamy. Report
Lots of great ideas. Report
Eating oatmeal for years, but always feel hungry two hours before lunch time. Always..... we made the serving size bigger. Report
Good suggestions Report

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