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Eating With Diabetes: Party Food

Celebration Tips for People with Diabetes


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Very informative and interesting article. Thank you for sharing this with us! Report
Thank you. We have a potluck picnic coming up this month and I have been trying to figure out what to take. I think these ideas have confirmed what I was thinking of taking.

It can get pretty difficult at potlucks because just about everything that people bring seems to be high in carbs, so I like to try to take something that is low in carbs that I can eat. Not the easiest thing in the world to do. Report
thank you Report
Great ideas Report
Thanks Report
Thanks for sharing Report
interesting Report
Great article! Thank you for including a comparison (hamburger bun or cupcake). As a side note, I use sandwich thins instead of hamburger buns. They are lower in sugar and because they are thin you taste more of the burger, making it more satisfying (at least to me).
I choose to stay mindful that the event is limited in time... not all day or all week.
No food is off- limit but make choices based on nutrition & enjoyment factors then thoroughly enjoy the treat without guilt, and only as much as is thoroughly enjoyable. Report
Thank you for the very interesting and informative article! I learn something today! Report
Good reminders Report
thanks Report
Thanks for sharing. I can always learn new things. Blessings. Report
Interesting. Report
Thank you! Report

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