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''Free'' Foods for Diabetes

A List of Foods That Don't Impact Blood Sugar


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Don’t agree with much of this article, archaic information. Report
I know as a diabetic I enjoy having some alternative to a big bowl of ice cream so hard candy helps me with the cravings. I think the word moderation is huge. To overcome unhealthy eating we have to start out slow. The list to me is not a bad one if you just start watching more of what goes into your mouth. Report
Interesting information Report
This is a ridiculous list! I see that you explain that "free" foods aren't exactly free and need to be portioned but no food should be counted as a free food. It's too easy to over do it on these types of things. If someone is on this site and tracking their food, why skip these? Don't mislead people. Report
SP used to be my go to resource when ppl asked me for health help but I disagree with so many posts of yours lately. The fact that artificial sweeteners are promoted makes me sick. Stop it.
I'm in agreement with everyone else, this is an AWFUL list. Report
Wow, I too have a problem with this list.. where are the proteins and healthy fats that actually help to stabilize glucose levels? Fruit in it's purist form (even still in moderation since it still has sugar, albeit natural sugar) should be endorse over diet soda and CANDY!! Very disappointed in this list.. Report
I am so happy to see so many comments about how unhealthy this list is!! That makes me feel like more people are educating themselves and being more discriminating about what they put in their bodies. Yay! Report
I would not eat a lot of the foods on the list. Artificial sweeteners and prodcuts with a lot of additives aren't healthy.
It's better and easier, in the long run, to get used to clean eating.... See for example the book Eat to Live. According to the author, Joel Fuhrman, many people can reverse diabetes type II using the guidelnies he gives. I'm not diabetic but if I were I would try that out. (I'm trying it out, anyway). Report
Long time age i found a very good list about glysemic index including protein and fat content that helped me a lot. I will search to find an electronic version and post it.
The salad greens, cucumbers, and some of the veggies are good choices, but some of the things mentioned are questionable. The less processed or full of chemicals our foods are, the better off we are. Report
This list of free foods for diabetics is definitely not a healthy list and I will not accept it. It contains so many chemically infused items that I'm surprised that a dietician has endorsed it. Whatever happened to veggies? Report
Fake sugars, other chemicals in some "foods" will kill at least as quickly as eating too much of calorie laden foods. Simple, whole foods reduce cravings and ultimately lead to a healthy body and weight. I know this, now if I can just act on it. Report
Diet soda may be a free food but it is so bad for you that I don't see how it can be on this list. The chemicals in it alone are enough to make me stay away from it now. Report
The only things on this list I eat are the fresh veggies. I don't even drink soda! A lot of my friends and family have diabetes (and I am pre-diabetic) and most of them would look at this list and say "No Way!". Report
Most of this isn't "food". Those fake coffee creamers mess with your blood sugar. Using a bit of milk is tastier and much better for you. "One piece" of hard candy can still be a problem. It would have been nice to see more raw veggies listed in either category. Or maybe a third category of things that count, but have a really generous serving size. Sorry to complain, but this article was really disappointing. It is like a print out from a 1990 "Welcome to Diabetes" pamphlet.

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