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4 Keys To A Smart Nutrition Plan



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Good info. Report
Good article Report
I've been having sandwiches on one slice of bread or on a tortilla. I've been using tomato, cucumber, and lettuce to keep the sandwiches from being too dry. No condiments needed. Report
Tracking has helped me make better food choices and I try to step up my exercise. Report
I like tracking my foods and workouts! It sure keeps a person honest! :) I love SP ;) Report
Yes, tracking g food here is great for finding out all of those calories, fat etc Report
The article contains a lot of good reminders and common sense, but I was most attracted to the photo. Looks like the start of Oxtail Soup, something I've not made or had in years - with homemade noodles. Not sure I'll make oxtail soup, but I think I will make veg soup and no noodles - homemade or other.
Thank you.
I love the anachronim DIET - Don't Imagine Eating This. Report
I am in the process of changing my life not only my diet. Some things are easier for me than others. Sugar and sodium are my current battle.... Wish me luck Report
Lots of interesting points to consider! Report
Love the Don't Imagine Eating This for DIET. Definitely a much better way to think about it.

To much of anything is not a good thing. Balance and moderation is the key! I like the 80/20 rule. Just need to make sure it is good/ splurge not splurge/good ! Report
Lots of great information. Report
KALE CHIPS! Chips and french fries are trigger foods for me, so I was thrilled to learn that kale chips are sooo easy to make and have that crunch that I crave. Report
Ah, but carbs are my enemy. And while I don't have to beat my body into submission, even good carbs, and a "proper" amount of them, raise my blood sugar too much. So I stick to protein, leafy greens, good fats, and a vitamin pack. Liked the lady said, I use a variety of the Atkins induction phase, or the Dukan "cruising" phase to keep my weight down. And carbs are a major treat. Report
I am working hard on "mindful" eating; where nothing is proscribed, but it is important to look at the portion size. This is especially important for me because I am a little woman and cannot use up all those extra calories successfully. Report

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