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5 Savory Salad Ideas for Fall and Winter

Salads Aren't Just for Summer!


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I do love my salads!!!!!!! Report
Sorry, just not interested in a cold salad in winter. Give me veggie soup instead! I will try some of these in fall or spring, or experiment w/ sauteed greens but no cold stuff unless I move to the tropics, which isn't likely. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
All great suggestions. Report
Great ideas for fall Report
Interesting Report
Look tasty. Report
I believe people who complain about "I can not afford to eat healthy" etc. are a bit lazy. (that was me). It's EASIER to drive thru the drive thru instead of cooking. It EASIER to eat junk than to eat healthy (that was me). I wanted it EASY! Well, guess what? Eating healthy is taking YOUR LIFE in your hands and putting yourself first. If you don't want to Help yourself, then you aren't serious about losing weight. You need to WANT to lose the weight and be willing to WORK to lose it. If we take a look at what we actually eat and how much we exercise (by tracking) you'd find you are taking in more calories that you are burning...(that too was me.) We just need to get off our duff and JUST DO IT!! Report salads...thanks.... Report
Love salads, with different veggies and a cup of flavorful soup. Report
Delish ideas! Report

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