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How to Maintain Your Workout Motivation All Year Long

12 Tips to Keep Moving Today, Tomorrow--and Beyond!


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Thank you for the tips. Report
It’s like the honeymoon is over sometimes. And you have to warm up all over again. And it has to come from within, no other person or cutesy saying or signs with old platitudes will do it! Report
I find I can do something every day for years real regular, but miss just three days and it's like I never did it before. Report
Good suggestions. Report
I need this motivation. Report
Great article! Report
It's amazing how brushing your teeth can make the day feel fresh and new! Report
Great article! Report
I appreciate the article but it lost me at doing 20 jumping jacks - bad knees from running. Report
Good ideas. Now if I just put them to work, each and every day. Note 80 days till spring!! Yeh Report
Thanks! Report
I keep a packed gym bag in my car. That way on the nights that I don't teach, I am ready to go after work anyway. Also, not going home between work and the gym is a key. Once I go home, I am done... :) Report
Thanks Report
I didn't find this article very helpful to me, either. I'm motivated to work out. I want to work out. I've even scheduled my workouts. But I know if I make the time to work out, the things I need to do go by the wayside. I can't do it all: manage the household, cook, do laundry/clean house, declutter AND exercise. If I exercise, something always goes by the wayside. I need to manage the household, cook, clean and do laundry. I also I need some down time to catch my breath. That in itself consumes my time. When I've made time to exercise, one of the above, especially the decluttering, doesn't get done. I can't ignore it anymore. My house is in dire need of making time for that. I've decided to put exercise on the shelf so I can tackle the clutter. Making time to exercise takes 3 hours of my day: getting dressed, getting packed to go to the gym, getting to the gym (1/2 hour drive) unpacking the bag, working out, packing up, driving home, shower and get dressed. Don't tell me to find another gym closer to home. I've tried. I do work out at home sometimes but that even takes a big chunk out of my day. If I had my druthers, I'd rather exercise than declutter can't be ignored anymore! Report
This was not a good article for me. I do not see any of these suggestions working if the motivation isn't already there. Report

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