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Stop Smoking and Gain Weight? Not Necessarily!

15 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain While Kicking the Habit


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great article Report
I need to consider perhaps doing ozone treatment in our house and get all our bedding/clothes/etc done plus remove pet odors. I'll check dry-cleaning and such but wowzers. And the lady who rented our place before us smoked in the apartment. Mgmt tried to cover it up with paint and such, but since we only smoke outdoors I know we havent been responsible for most of the reek. Report
I quit smoking several years ago. I was really concerned about weight gain as well. I didn't gain any weight. I didn't eat instead of smoking. I'm sure that's why I didn't gain any weight Report
Wish I could show it to some people I love who smoke to stay slim Report
I quit over 33 years ago and yes, I did gain weight. But then, I'd gained weight while I was smoking. Now I'm smoke free and have been at my goal weight for almost 6 years and never felt better.

We can all do it! Report
Thanks, Great! Report
Wow... I never thought of taking a few days to track smoking triggers. Great article. Report
I just celebrated 16 months smoke free after a 30-year habit! I did gain some weight but to me, the benefits of quitting outweigh the risk. Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. - C. S. Lewis ~ 1/30/18 Report
Gave up in 96, the biggest pay rise I ever had Report
I am in my 9th smoke free month in 25 yrs, I smoked but was not unwell, could exercise ,breath well I just felt pressured by the times into giving up. If I had known then what I known the hell I was in for I would never have quit, my entire system just shut down and I've never been so unwell in my 40 years alive. I'd given up plenty of times in the past for various lengths but this time it was different, I was initially so poorly I lost 5kg and then regained it all and more when I could finally eat again, my periods stopped dead, my face exploded with cystic acne, my lower body swelled with fluid, it all started within 48 hrs of my last cigarette and my memory and mental health went downhill. In my 9th month smoke free, I'm heavier than I've ever been, I feel no better at all for quitting, in fact I feel worse. There is no difference in my energy levels, breathing or skin (apart from new acne scars) or wrinkles. Just a different perspective, this is my experience in a nutshell, giving up isn't always the best choice for everyone. It wasn't for me and there are still days when I wish I hadn't, although I'm regaining some semblance of health slowly. Report
Great article Report
This is my 4th day of non-smoking and my eating has been crazy, albeit NOT as crazy as before I started SP, so my hope is to maintain and even if I have a small gain this week, I know not smoking will benefit me so much more and eventually I will get that gain back off. I am increasing exercise and general movement because if I don't my cravings are really bad! I can do this!! Report
Great article!!! No matter your age or how many times you've tried, believe that YOU can!!!

There's always help and this article is proof of that!! Many blessings!! Report

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