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More Than 110 Cardio Workout Ideas

Limitless Options for Aerobic Exercise


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Great information Report
Awesome...thanks! Report
Ideas I hadn't even considered! Report
For those who are used to chalking up 10,000 steps to make themselves feel better, you may not get it here; however, make no mistake, you are definitely doing the equivalent of those steps! Report
Some of these are cardio but don't involved a lot of the kinds of "step" movements that are easily detected by phone apps or devices like FitBit, Apple Watch etc. So then it seems discouraging to knock ourselves out silly doing some household chore for 20 or 30 minutes and then discover that the "tracker" claims we didn't do diddly squat - no steps, or other measured movement. Would be handy if SparkPeople tracker had more precise tracking option for the variations of household cleaning, with as many options as listed in the article. As it is, it's only stuff like "heavy cleaning" "moving boxes" "mowing" not really many categories. Report
Great article. Report
Thank you! Report
Mowing and house work tonight! Report
It is healthy to do a lot of these activities! Report
thank you Report
When I hit my aerobic zone in hot humid or very cold weather I usually have to deal with some exercise induced asthma. Sometimes even some of the lower level wheezing concerns other people in the area. Report
Thank you Report
thank you Report

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