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7 Smart Ways to Stay Active This Winter

Don't Let Cold Weather Destroy Your Efforts


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My joints don't move well in cold damp winter. Report
Great ideas Report
Great ideas! Report
Great ideas! Report
Great article! Report
Good ideas but it's the middle of summer here, today's top will be 99 deg F. I am doing Coach Nicole's videos when it's so hot outside. Report
I hate winter. I hate snow and the cold and winter sports. the only exercise I get is to go out and shovel the snow so I can get out of my driveway. I basically just hibernate for 6 months. So wish that I could move to Florida where winter lasts a day or two. Report
Good ideas Report
I live in Florida and I think our winter just left. We are having spring type weather. Sun Shining, 80 degrees yesterday... I don't envy those of you who live in the snow at all!!

I have pastures to care for, fences to mend and downed trees that need burned... I'll be moving more than ever!! WooHoo Report
These are great ideas but there are not enough warm clothes or layers for the record temps we are having. When it gets up to the freezing mark I'll take some outdoor time. :) Report
it's hard to go outside and be active when right now its -16 here:( Report
Having a dog to take for walk-runs every day is a blessing. And he never complains about the weather. Dress for the weather and keep moving is the key to dealing with the weather Report
I like all these ideas ice skating, snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, workout ideas, racing, using cardio/strength machines, and indoor swimming/water jogging and group fitness c lasses/sports. Report
I've been doing the Minnesota workout - Put on 8 pounds of boots, jacket, snowpants, etc. Go outside, push shovel across driveway and sidewalks multiple times. Lift and throw wet heavy snow. Watch snowplow fill driveway back in, push and lift large chunks of snow left by plow. Work around gusts of wind, but snow will blow back in your face anyway. Try to help neighbor who is also struggling to move snow. Go back inside with clothes 5 pounds heavier from wet snow. Repeat this process regularly until April or even May. Both cardio and strength training in one workout! : ) Report

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